When the mum taxi goes down…

Life with three big kids is never easy and never boring. There’s always something going on. And there’s always someone (or something) willing to put a spanner in the works to make life that little bit more challenging.

But there’s always something that can be relied on to keep things running smoothly. The mum taxi. My trusty little yellow Mini.

Well, almost always…

I’d known that one of my rear lights was out for a while. And I know that isn’t legal. But it kind of didn’t matter in the summer, because I wasn’t driving in the dark.

But it wasn’t summer any more. Suddenly I was driving to dance lessons in the dark. And panto rehearsals are just around the corner. I’ll be out driving in the dark every day of the week.

I tried to sort it out. Kind of. I went to Halfords to buy a bulb and they offered to fit it for me. But they said they couldn’t fit it. The car needed to go to a garage. Of course my husband didn’t believe the car needed to go to a garage. He could do it himself. But he never did. And he didn’t book it into a garage either.

And then we realised my MOT was very out of date. It was a genuine oversight on our part. But I knew for certain the car was going to fail because of that damn light.

Actually, it failed on a few things. So I couldn’t drive it. But we hadn’t made any alternative arrangements. My husband had the other car and he was in London. My parents were looking after my niece and nephew and couldn’t help out. No other parents were doing the same journeys as me (although one lovely friend did offer to help out even though she would be going out of her way).

The mum taxi was down and I was stuck.

It was a particularly bad day. My younger son had a guitar lesson after school and needed picking up late. My eldest had compulsory revision after school and also needed picking up late. In the spirit of supporting other parents, I’d offered to take one of my daughter’s friends to dance because her parents couldn’t take her that day. But my daughter wasn’t even going to that dance school herself that day. She had a ballet class in another part of town.

So I had four journeys to make and no car.

There was no other option. I had to do something I’d never done before. I had to take a taxi. More than one taxi, in fact.

Along with my daughter and her friend, I went in a taxi to pick up my younger son from school. I dropped the three of them off at home, then the taxi carried on to my eldest’s school to bring him home. A total journey of about nine miles at a cost of £25.

My daughter and I then walked her friend to her dance class, then we were picked up by another taxi and driven to my daughter’s ballet class. A total journey of just over three miles at a cost of £12.50.

Getting actual taxis is a very bad alternative to the mum taxi.

When the mum taxi goes down, everything goes down…

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh Sarah, that was an expensive day. I fear I wouldn’t have been so good and would have most likely kept them all home, but sometimes you’re just stuck with no alternatives. Good for you, and I hope they appreciated it!

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    • They’re kids – they don’t ever appreciate anything! It would never even cross my mind to keep them at home – we always get to the kids’ activities at all costs!

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  2. Eek that’s a lot in taxis and boo to car problems. It always fills me with dread when there’s a potential car problem. Glad you’ve got it fixed now!!

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    • Thanks! It was such a relief to get it sorted quickly. I won’t be using taxis again in a hurry!

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  3. Oh goodness that is so expensive isn’t it? I haven’t taken a taxi for a long time but it just makes you realise how much we take our cars for granted.

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    • We certainly do take them for granted. I’d forgotten just how much I rely on it! I won’t be taking a taxi again in a hurry!

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  4. Oh noo! That’s such a nightmare! Luckily we have a second car that is very rough around the edges but when one of the cars goes wrong there’s always backup.

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    • We’ve got two cars, but it was unfortunate my husband had his own car with him! I won’t be taking taxis again in a hurry! x

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  5. Wow that is a lot of taxis. Glad it’s all fixed now. It is always a nightmare when something goes wrong with the car. xx

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    • Thanks very much, it really is! If it’s planned, I can usually borrow my husband’s car, but as it was unplanned it was a bit of a nightmare! x

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  6. Eek what a nightmare – especially on a day when you had so many journeys to make and taxis certainly don’t come cheap! Hope your rear light is now fixed, the MOT passed and Mum’s little yellow taxi back on the road again x

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    • Thanks very much! Yes, it got all sorted the next day, thank goodness. It was just unfortunate I couldn’t borrow my husband’s car that day. So glad to have it in working order in time for the panto! x

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  7. We rely on our cars so much and it is such a pain when they are not in action. I bet you were gutted about having to get taxis and forking out all that money. Hope your trusty taxi is back in business x

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  8. You’re very good to do so much by taxi. I think I’d have probably cancelled some of that, but then I guess it’s a question of whose stuff gets cancelled.

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    • I would have felt guilty cancelling stuff and my daughter really needed to be at her ballet! My son’s guitar lesson is quite expensive, so I wouldn’t really want him missing that either.

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  9. Oh no!

    We’ve just started secondary school and my taxi duties have more than doubled! I had no idea it would be this chaotic. No wonder everyone says the teenage years are even more difficult than the baby years! Hope you get it fixed soon.

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    • Luckily it got fixed very quickly! I was exactly the same when my younger son started secondary school (strangely my eldest starting didn’t seem to impact on taxi duties). I feel quite worn out with the non-stop driving around, but I now know I’ll always appreciate my car!

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  10. Only ever experienced punctures as opposed to full on mechanical failure but the result if our car was off the road would be chaos. Expensive chaos. Hope you’re on the road again by now.

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