The parental knights in shining armour

Life lately has been getting more and more hectic. Sometimes I can barely get my head round the number of things I have to fit into a day or a week. I usually struggle with it on my own, or ask my parents to help out. But lately it’s all got a bit too much.

Last week, my husband was away Wednesday night and Friday night, which essentially meant he was away from Wednesday to Saturday. My husband doesn’t usually help out with logistics much, but he always deals with football. He’s also usually at home to look after my daughter if I have to take one of the boys somewhere. But last week he wasn’t there and I struggled.

Just to give you an idea of my week, this is what we had to deal with, in addition to the school runs (I may have forgotten some stuff):


  • Take daughter to contemporary dance and pick up
  • Take younger son and daughter to Scouts and pick up


  • Daughter to ballet
  • Pick son up from after-school rugby
  • Take eldest to Explorers


  • Pick daughter up from school choir
  • Take daughter to street dance (eldest picked her up)
  • Take son to football and pick up


  • Take daughter to tap dance and pick up
  • Eldest to tutor
  • Take eldest to Explorers and pick up


  • Take eldest to camping trip



  • Take daughter to dance practise
  • Take son to football match and watch game
  • Pick eldest up from camping trip

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If these things happened consecutively, it wouldn’t be so bad, but there are often clashes, with one activity finishing at the same time as another starts and me unable to be in two places at once. Unfortunately, my parents haven’t been able to help out as much as usual lately either (although I’m pleased to say they looked after my daughter on Saturday morning while I was running).

I’ve never relied much on other parents, but I suddenly realise I need to. I’m very pleased that one parent has offered to take my daughter to ballet every Tuesday, so I am able to pick my son up from rugby. In return, I will take her daughter to tap.

I had nobody to pick my son up from the school rugby match on Saturday as I was at the panto audition with my daughter. I had to take the plunge and email a parent I don’t know to ask if she could help out, as I knew we were on her route home from school. I only asked her to drop my son home, but she offered to take him back to their house until I was home. It was a huge weight off my mind.

The following morning, I got a phone call from a fellow parent in distress. My son’s friend from school lives a long way away and his dad was going to be away for work during the week of the school concert. Like us, they also have a 10 year old girl. His mum couldn’t manage to pick him up from the concert. Would he be able to stay at our  house? Of course he would! After the other parents had helped me out in my hour of need I was only too happy to help someone else out.

Seconds later, my phone rang again. My friend who is helping out with the ballet. As well as worrying about logistics, I’d been worrying about editing a piece of music for my daughter’s ballet. I’ve never edited a piece of music or burned it onto CD. I have no idea how and I had woken early stressing about it. She edits music and burns it onto CD all the time. She would be happy to do it for me. Another weight off my mind!

It feels like what goes around comes around. People helped me out and I was happy to help someone else out. And because I agreed to my son’s friend staying over, it felt like I had the final weight lifted off my shoulder – the damn music!

I’m so grateful for my parental knights in shining armour and really don’t know where I would be without them lately.

Now can life calm down a bit, please?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh I’m glad those things are sorted, it must be such a relief! Well done on your half marathon yesterday too!

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    • Thanks very much, it is a huge relief! I still can’t believe how well the half marathon went, although the painful legs keep reminding me! x

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  2. I hear you. It is like one big huge juggle and I wouldn’t be able to manage it all if we didn’t rely on other parents but you’re right, we also give what we’ve been given. I always say as the kids get older, the logistics get trickier.

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    • They certainly do! The logistics with younger kids is so much easier. I reckon we’re about at our peak now as my eldest will either start giving stuff up or start being able to take himself places.

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  3. Life with the children is all about juggling and logistics is the biggest word in our house, too. I think it’s great that you reached out to other parents in your network, and I know what it’s like to ask – I sometimes feel bad about asking, but your tale shows that other parents are in the same boat and are happy to all work together.
    Glad you’ve started that network, it must be a weight off your mind

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    • Thanks very much, it’s a huge weight off my mind! Hopefully the next year will be a bit easier now. x

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  4. I think as parents we do need to do this more often, it can be so easy to help one another and those things can make such a big difference when we are all juggling so many things. That is brilliant that you managed to get some things sorted, maybe you need to set up a local Parental Knights in Shining Armour FB group

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    • That’s a good idea! I know people who do routinely help each other out, but they are close friends. It’s harder to ask people you don’t know quite as well, but it’s good to know that they are happy to help!

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  5. This is where having one child comes in handy! It can still be a juggling act though – one which I am trying to perform for this weekend 🙂 There are so many lovely people out there and I am glad you have some in your life x

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    • Thanks very much! I’ve always been very self-sufficient, with just my parents for back-up, but they aren’t as able to help these days as they have my niece and nephew to look after too. It’s a relief to get things sorted, for now! x

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  6. Oh my goodness Sarah, I know you’re busy but don’t think I realised exactly how much time you spend out and about doing these things in the evenings. Glad you have parents to help out. It’s kind of given me flashes of what’s to come!

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    • Enjoy the peace while you still can! That was a particularly bad week, but this week is a particularly bad week too. I don’t think we have many good weeks any more!

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