Project 366 Week 40

A combination of me being busy with work and the colder, darker days means the photos are pretty boring this week. No doubt something we’ll have to get used to until spring rolls around again.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 276 – Sunday 2nd October – the usual kind of Sunday of rushing around, football and chores, but look at that sky!

Sky, 365, 366

Day 277 – Monday 3rd October – are you sensing a theme this week? I took this out of my front door at sunrise. The trees look far more magical in silhouette than they do in daylight.

Sunrise, Sky, 365, 366

Day 278 – Tuesday 4th October – I’ve been very busy with work for a few weeks now. This is what my working day looks like on a tidy day. You wouldn’t want to see it on an untidy day!

Work, Computer, 365, 366

Day 279 – Wednesday 5th October – I’ve read more books this year than I have for a long time. I finished this one today. Oh. My. Word. One of the scariest books I’ve ever read. I’ll review it on the blog soon.

Behind Closed Doors, B A Paris, Book, Reading, 365, 366

Day 280 – Thursday 6th October – I went to my eldest’s school in the evening to find out a bit more about what year 11 has in store for him. And the garden is starting to get covered in a fair few leaves.

Leaf, Autumn, Garden, 365, 366

Day 281 – Friday 7th October – OK, I’m cheating a bit because I’ve used this picture before. But we had some good news today!

Grammar school entrance exam, Grammar school test, 11+, Daughter, 365, 366

Day 282 – Saturday 8th October – my daughter and I went to see her hero, Jacqueline Wilson, speak at Cheltenham Literature Festival. She is an inspirational lady and such an engaging speaker. I enjoy listening to her as much as my daughter does. Of course we had to buy her latest book.

Clover Moon, Jacqueline Wilson, 365, 366

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Sarah,
    You’re teasing us with this good news ā€” we still don’t know quite how good it is!

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    • Sorry! It’s pretty good – my daughter got into grammar school! *does happy dance*

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  2. Love the sunrise and leaf shots. Will have to make a note of that book, although I have review pile that’s starting to look like a mountain at the moment. Exciting, I’m guessing that’s grammar school? #366

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    • It certainly is the grammar school! We’re very proud of her. That’s an amazing book and well worth a read.

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  3. Grammar school success?? Or is it a bit early for that? The weather on Sunday was glorious – lovely sky! I like the sound of that book – would be nice for me to read something more taxing than my usual chick lit!

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    • Yep, grammar school success! šŸ™‚
      I would definitely recommend the book. It’s amazing, but really scary!

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  4. Fifi likes Jacqueline as well, she had a subscription to the comic for 2 years running a few years back.
    I rarely read books, tends to be more audio books these days.
    Lots of leaves down here as well, but the colours do make for nice photos.

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    • I absolutely love reading, but I’m sure audio books would be a similar experience. My Granny used to listen to them when she lost her eyesight and she always said she was ‘reading’.

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  5. I’m finding much the same with pictures. Didn’t know you used a mac for work. I think I must be the only blogger who doesn’t sometimes – I do keep lusting after one though.

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    • I don’t use the Mac all the time as it doesn’t have Word on it and doesn’t link up to my printer, so I only use it if I’m working on some jobs. Really I ought to have everything on one computer to make life easier!

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  6. i find my photos ate a bit same to be honest, but then that is just how life can be. it is nice to know I am not alone in feeling like that. It has been wonderful seeing blue skies this week and dry days with no rain – much better . Hopefully the good news is that the grammar test went well? hope so x

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    • That certainly is the good news! Thanks šŸ™‚
      I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels their photos aren’t quite as inspiring at the moment. x

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    • Thanks very much, we’re so proud of her! x

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  7. Oh I have that book at home!!! I must sit down and find time to actually read something. I’m loving the skies and mild weather right now. I hope it hangs about!

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    • It’s such a good book, but so scary! You will have to read it.

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  8. Sounds cool going to the literature festival. I’ve not made any of the local ones round here unfortunately.

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  9. i’m without the photo prompts i’d have stopped posting daily by now, without them it would just be pictures of the cat and dog, sunrise and sunset, which is what it pretty much is anyway…lol. I love the deep blue of the UK, it’s more a pale blue over here. The sunset is lovely, again we just get a washed out orange colour here.

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  10. Iā€™m loving the pretty skies and mild weather right now. I hope it stays and hooray for good news xx

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  11. Iā€™m loving the pretty skies and mild weather right now. I hope it stays and hooray for good news xx

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  12. Love the sunset photo, beautiful. I’m starting to take a lot of tree photos too šŸ™‚ Wonderful news about your daughter getting into Grammar school šŸ™‚

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