Project 366 Weeks 27 & 28

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks in the run-up to the end of term.

Here’s our fortnight in pictures…

Day 185 – Sunday 3rd July – my family got home from camping and my daughter was the most tired I’d ever seen her. Only yesterday I said I hoped I’d run my last Parkrun in my old trainers and I was true to my word! I finally bit the bullet and got some new ones. They’re so comfortable they made me realise just how bad the old ones had got.

Trainers, Running, 365, 366

Day 186 – Monday 4th July – it’s that time of year when I’m juggling so much and feel like I’m going to forget something. There’s so much end of term stuff going on, plus planning for next term. So here’s a photo of next door’s cat in my garden…

Cat, Garden, 365, 366

Day 187 – Tuesday 5th July – I’m feeling really positive about my running at the moment. I ran six miles today and will hopefully sign up for the Cheltenham half marathon if I can run eight miles a couple of times without injuring myself. I generally had a very active day today. 10000 steps? I laugh in your face!

Running, Walking, 365, 366

Day 188 – Wednesday 6th July – a quiet day with no work. I’m not too worried though, because I know I’m working at the weekend. We’ve got more flowers coming out in our garden. These are so bright!

Flowers, Garden, 365, 366

Day 189 – Thursday 7th July – my husband and I had our annual trip to London to see a show to celebrate our wedding anniversary. This year we went to see Aladdin and it was brilliant!

Aladdin, London, West End, 365, 366

Day 190 – Friday 8th July – happy anniversary to us! Sixteen years of marriage and we’re not at the point of choosing exactly the same card for each other…

Wedding anniversary, Anniversary, Husband, Married life

Day 191 – Saturday 9th July – a very rare day for me working away from home. Even rarer of course because it was a Saturday! I spent the day at Chateau Impney Hill Climb, which is a fantastic event. This year there was a free vintage funfair, which looked so old-fashioned and quintessentially English, especially with that threatening British summer sky!

Chateau Impney Hill Climb, Funfair, 365, 366

Day 192 – Sunday 10th July – another long day working at the hill climb, surrounded by the most incredible and quirky cars.

Chateau Impney Hill Climb, Work, 365, 366

Day 193 – Monday 11th July – a quiet day recovering from the hill climb. A load more flowers seem to have come out in the garden while I was working.

Flowers, Garden, 365, 366

Day 194 – Tuesday 12th July – I got a phone call from my younger son’s school in the afternoon to say he’d hurt his toe. It turned out it was broken!

Toe, Son, Broken toe

Day 195 – Wednesday 13th July – my son couldn’t go to school in the morning as he could hardly walk, but he dragged himself there in the afternoon for his drama performance. His toe is looking worse!

Toe, Son, Broken toe, 365, 366

Day 196 – Thursday 14th July – my daughter’s school sports day. She won her relay and did pretty well in her long distance race. For the umpteenth year running, I came second in the mums’ race.

Daughter, Sports day, School, 365, 366

Day 197 – Friday 15th July – my younger son’s last day of term and he also had his grade 1 guitar exam, at this rather cool looking studio locally.

Son, Guitar exam, Studio, 365, 366

Day 198 – Saturday 16th July – it’s nearly two years since we had the window frames painted on the front of our house. We’ve just had the back done and it looks a hundred times better than the old brown wood!

House, Window, Door, 365, 366

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  1. Hope the toe is healing well and that he’s able to move about easily again very soon. And blimey to the 26k steps. That’s one heck of a busy day!! Those vintage cars look amazing!

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    • The cars were brilliant! The toe is slowly getting better, thanks. After a few painful days he is walking almost normally now.

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    • You would have loved the hill climb. If the dates don’t clash next year, you’ll have to go! The toe was very painful, but is healing fast now, thank goodness!

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  2. Yay! Hooray for the new trainers!
    This time of year is crazy. I can’t keep up with what’s going on…I will be glad when the girls finish school on Wednesday.
    I hope your son’s toe is feeling better….
    Well done your girl in her sports day….Bad luck in the mums race!

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    • I think I’m going to come second in the mums’ race forever! The toe is feeling a lot better now, thanks.

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  3. Ouch at the broken toe, always seems to be just in time for school holidays with these things.
    Love the colour of the new trainers.
    The car hill climb weekend looks like a fun time.

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    • The hill climb was fantastic, thanks, although I didn’t have much time to watch it! Luckily the toe is healing quite fast.

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  4. Your house and garden are looking rather lovely. Always love the feel of a new pair of runners – good luck with the mileage and signing up for Cheltenham – fingers crossed. I have a half in Sept but training has been terrible lately and summer hols aren’t going to help!

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    • Thanks very much! I’m very pleased with how the house and garden are looking 🙂 The summer holidays are a nightmare for half marathon training. I wish I’d got myself up to a longer distance already!

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  5. I’m so glad your running is going well. My friend is trying to persuade me to do the Cheltenham half too. I’m not sure I’m ready for racing this year but I’ll let you know if I do. Loving your new shoes, I need to follow suit and buy some too!

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    • Thanks very much! Do let me know if you decide to take part. I’m still not 100% certain myself as I’d hoped to do an eight mile run last week, but had too much work on, so had to be sensible and put work first!

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  6. Sounds really busy. The back of your house and the garden must really have come on for all the effort you’ve put in. The hill climb pictures are great – one year I’ll take the family down. The trouble is in the summer we are always so busy.

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    • The hill climb is definitely worth a visit if you can manage it one year! The garden and back of our house are transformed 🙂 They’re so good compared to how they used to be!

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  7. Love the new trainers, I need some too! Hope your son’s toe is getting better. Well done on the steps, best I’ve done in a day is 20,000 🙂

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  8. wow 26,000 odd miles in one day is amazing! the most i have done in one day is 18,000! great colour of your new trainers – they look too nice to go to and get dirty! love the look of the vintage funfair – so many lovely looking rides that i enjoyed in my childhood. sorry for the late commenting x

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