Project 366 Week 24

This week has been all about two things – the rain and having lots of work!

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 164 – Sunday 12th June – my husband’s 43rd birthday! Pumba was out with his rather meagre selection of presents. It was a strange day as my husband’s car is in the garage, so five of us were trying to get around in a four-seater Mini. This meant I spent a lot of the day cycling!

Birthday, Husband, Pumba, 365, 366

Day 165 – Monday 13th June – over the last few weeks, I’ve had A LOT more work than I had in May. In fact, it’s gone full circle and I’m almost at the point where I can’t cope with the amount I’ve got! One of the jobs I did was proofreading a dissertation for one of the mums at school. Of course she paid me, but she also bought me these lovely flowers to say thanks. I was very touched!

Flowers, Work, Gift, 365, 366

Day 166 – Tuesday 14th June – for the second time in three days, it rained so much it felt like the world might end (on Sunday, it rained so much that our downstairs toilet started bubbling loudly – eek!). I always says there’s a river outside the house when it rains, but it’s usually about a third of the width of the road, but this was the full width. I took this photo through the safety of the window!

Road, Rain, Car, 365, 366

Day 167 – Wednesday 15th June – another busy day of work and after yet another torrential downpour, I was amazed to see lots of perfect raindrops clinging onto this blossom.

Blossom, Rain, 365, 366

Day 168 – Thursday 16th June – I went for a six mile run before I started work and have now run more than 300 miles this year.

Running, Distances, 365, 366

Day 169 – Friday 17th June – for the first time in a week, we had a period of blue sky and some sun. Both of my boys set off for Scout camp, so I hope the weather stays dry for them.

Sky, Sun, Weather, 365, 366

Day 170 – Saturday 18th June – we went to see Coldplay at Wembley! I’m not a huge Coldplay fan, but it was a fantastic show.

Coldplay, Wembley, Concert, 365, 366



Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Those flowers are really beautiful. I’m impressed with all your running too, I’m definitely going to keep track next year. I’m glad your work has picked up, although I know how you feel about it being a bit overwhelming when you’ve got a lot on – it’s always a relief as well when you’re freelance.

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    • Thanks! I need to keep my running up. I feel a bit guilty and stressed by it when I have a lot of work on, although it definitely relaxes me on the whole! x

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  2. Ahh! I saw Pumba on the Bloglovin preview and thought it was someones birthday. hehehe Happy birthday to your hubby!
    That’s great news that your work has picked up…Aww! Lovely flowers. That was so kind.
    There has been so much rain hasn’t there….It does look pretty on the blossom though.
    Go you! You have probably ran more miles this year than I have walked…Oops. lol
    Have a fab time seeing Coldplay x

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    • We had a great time seeing Coldplay, thanks, and hubby had a good birthday, despite the fact that it kept raining and we only had one car! x

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    • Thanks very much! I really had no idea before how far I ran in a year.

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  3. The weather is crazy isn’t it – I wish it would make up its mind. Happy Birthday to your hubby and hope your car is back safe and sound

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    • Thanks very much, the car is finally home! The weather has been horrendous, but it has calmed down a bit now, thank goodness!

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  4. i hope your hubby enjoyed his birthday and lovely to see Pumba! That is a lot of rain , we have had a mix bag of weather this week too. fingers crossed for scout camp and for dry weather. xx

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    • Thanks very much, they had good weather on Scout camp, thank goodness! They are just home – tired, dirty and aching. x

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  5. The rain has been nuts hasn’t it, I got drowned this morning. Hope your OH enjoyed his birthday and those flowers are just so colourful, lovely thought #366

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  6. I’m not a huge Coldplay fan but would happily watch them for the show! Well done with your miles – I’ve had a bit of a lull again this week but back on it now. Love the raindrops on the blossom 🙂

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