I’m Travelling Alone by Samuel Bjork

Another week, another brilliant thriller translated from a foreign language. I bought I’m Travelling Alone based on a good review I read and I wasn’t disappointed!

Samuel Bjork’s novel has been translated from Norwegian and has been a huge hit across Europe. I can definitely see why.

The front cover has a little review on it saying ‘Watch out Jo Nesbo!’ and I totally get that. I’m a huge Jo Nesbo fan and this is every bit as good. It might be (whispers) even better than Jo Nesbo. There is something particularly human about the characters and their relationships that make you really care. Plus the story is a real page-turner, which always helps.

A 6-year-old girl is found murdered and hanging from a tree with a luggage label around her neck reading ‘I’m travelling alone’. Veteran detective, Holger Munch, is immediately put in charge of the investigation and assembles his old team. But can he get his brilliant partner Mia Kruger to join them? Mia is reluctant to return to work and has retreated to an island, preparing to take her own life.

Reviewing the evidence, Mia spots something the others haven’t seen – a number one carved into the dead girl’s fingernail. She realises this is only the beginning. How many more little girls will die?

The book has a huge cast of characters, but it never gets confusing. It moves at a fast pace, flitting between the different story lines. There’s a lot of back story and it read rather like it was the third book in a series, but apparently it’s the first. I will definitely be looking out for the rest of the sequence when it’s published over here.

I read a lot of thrillers, but this is one of the few which actually scared me. I read a scene just before I went to sleep and then wished I hadn’t. I had a dream that I lost my daughter and had to go and check she was still in her bed when I woke up. It really was that scary!

The ending had me in tears, which is always the mark of a good book to me.

I’m Travelling Alone is a brilliant thriller, but definitely not for the fainthearted. If you’ve never read a thriller before, dead little girls is probably not the best place to start, but if you’re a hardened reader, I’m sure you will love it every bit as much as I did!

I'm Travelling Alone, Samuel Bjork, Book review

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh wow, you make it sound so exciting! I definitely think I’d like it. Ironically, I may have a few days travelling alone in a few months, I’ll be choosing a book to take with me based on your recommendations because I should finally get time to read a bit!

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    • This is definitely a must-read! (Unless you get scared by books!) I look forward to hearing what you think of my recommendations – I hope they’re to your tastes! x

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  2. This sounds like a real page turner, I always rate books highly if they make me emotional! Iwill definitely be adding this to my TBR list, thanks for sharing with #ReadWithMe

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    • I’m sure you will love it! I recommended it to a friend who loved it just as much as I did. It’s definitely a page turner!

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  3. I’m not a fan of scary books although I am intrigued by the number one carved on the girls’ finger. I have a Jo Nesbo book downloaded onto my Kindle, maybe I should read that first.


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    • It’s scary in the suspense sense rather than the horror sense. I would highly recommend Jo Nesbo!

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  4. Oh, I don’t think I could read this. Just reading this little bit has me worried lol.
    Thanks for the review. Will give this one a miss.

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    • Ha ha, it’s pretty scary! It’s not for everyone, but it’s brilliantly written and a brilliant story (which thankfully isn’t true!).

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  5. Sounds perfect for me provided I’m not alone in the house. Great review 🙂 #ReadWithMe

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    • Thanks very much! It’s definitely not one for reading alone at night!

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  6. This sounds like exactly my kind of book. Which is a little worrying if you think about it! lol! Love Jo Nesbo so this is about to be downloaded to my Kindle. Thanks for the recommendation. #readwithme

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    • I’d be very interested to hear what you think! I know exactly what you mean when you say it sounds exactly like your sort of book! 😉

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  7. Lovely review and it hooked me but I don’t know… The story is a bit too creepy for me. 🙂 #ReadWithMe

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