Smite – a new outdoor game for summer

With summer (hopefully) round the corner, the bank holiday and half-term ahead and the prospect of more time in the garden, park or beach, are you looking for a new game to keep the family amused?

Smite, from Ginger Fox, is a tactical wooden garden game for ages 8 and up, which gives family and friends the chance to get competitive (right up my family’s street, in other words!).

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To play, you need a reasonably flat surface, so unfortunately our garden isn’t ideal – it certainly adds a bit of jeopardy (and potential for arguments). You need to set out the 10 wooden pins in a triangle, pace four metres away and throw the ‘smiter’ under arm to knock them down – it’s a bit like skittles or boules. The challenge is to score exactly 50 with the pins you knock down. First to the magical 50 wins.

With my younger son being an awesome ten-pin bowler, who is also getting into cricket, I expected him to love it. We had a wobble at first because if you miss all of the pins on three consecutive turns, you’re out. He was out straightaway on our first game and had a good sulk about it! But he came back fighting on our second game and went on to win it.

My teenage son was initially reluctant to play. Why do teenagers never do what their parents want them to do? But once he started playing, he really enjoyed it.

Smite, Smite review, Review, Family, Game, Garden

I expected to enjoy this game, but the whole family really loved it! We weren’t exactly quiet playing it and before we knew it we had half the neighbourhood in the garden playing it with us. I can honestly say we haven’t had so much fun in ages.

It’s a game of skill, with a little bit of luck thrown in, so everyone gets better at it the more they play. We found it’s more fun with more players. A pen and paper (or notes on your phone) comes in handy to keep track of the scores, just in case the kids cheat!

Smite is manufactured from ethically sourced, durable, solid wood.  It comes with a handy carry bag to make it portable.

Each Smite pack includes:

10 x numbered wooden Pins

1 x wooden Smiter

1 x ground marker

1 x carry bag with rules printed on it (easy to carry onto the beach AND helps avoid arguments over the rules!)

1 x rules

Smite, Smite review, Game, Family game, Summer, Garden

You may not have heard of Smite before, but there is a national championship in May and even a world championship in Cornwall (where else?) in August. We might will definitely be taking our set down to Cornwall in August too!

Visit the website for more details and to watch the video

We were sent a Smite set for the purposes of this review. All opinions, competitive kids and uneven gardens are our own.



Author: Sarah Mummy

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    • I’d never heard of it before, it’s pretty new. We absolutely loved it though! My sister came round to play again today and concluded it was the best game ever! 🙂 x

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  1. Oh wow, I thought it was just a toy until you mentioned the world championships! It looks really good fun, I love garden games!x

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