Project 366 Weeks 17 & 18

At last, the weather has warmed up and my photos feel a bit more cheerful!

Here’s our fortnight in pictures…

Day 115 – Sunday 24th April – the end of an era! The last day of the football season and the last day of existence for the team my son has played for, and my husband has coached, for over five years. My daughter took rather a lot of photos of him doing throw-ins, which he’s very good at.

Football, football team, Son, 365, 366

Day 116 – Monday 25th April – a quiet working day. Is it just me who does shopping over the weekend, but still needs to go every single Monday without fail?

Shopping, Food, 365, 366

Day 117 – Tuesday 26th April – a very quiet day of work. This lovely tulip is in my garden.

Tulip, Garden, Flower, 365, 366

Day 118 – Wednesday 27th April – my daughter was off school ill today, although she was probably better than yesterday, when she went to school ill. It’s been very cold this week and here’s the proof – a frosty start to the day.

Garden, Frost, 365, 366

Day 119 – Thursday 28th April – my daughter was still off ill today, but started doing random ballet in the kitchen, a sure sign she was on the mend. She’s been keeping herself busy doing some painting by numbers.

Painting, Art, Daughter, 365, 366

Day 120 – Friday 29th April – the running totals for April are in and they’re slightly down on previous months. This month I’ve run 54 miles, taking me to a total of 223 miles for the year.

Running, Runner, 365, 366

Day 121 – Saturday 30th April – we headed for Cheshire to stay with the in-laws and had a walk in the forest.

Son, Daughter, 365, 366

Day 122 – Sunday 1st May – I went to BlogOn in Manchester for the first time. I loved catching up with some of my favourite bloggers. This is a picture of me with Tas from Not My Year Off and Eric from 92three30 – my two early morning Twitter friends.

BlogOn, Blogging, Bloggers, Friends, 365, 366

Day 123 – Monday 2nd May – so this happened. Leicester City, the team I’ve supported all my life, went and won the Premier League. They were 5000-1 to win it at the start of the season.

Leicester City, Leicester, LCFC, Leicester fan, Selfie

Day 124 – Tuesday 3rd May – the garden project, which was started on a whim back in February, is almost finished. My daughter planted some flowers.

Daughter, Gardening, Garden, 365, 366

Day 125 – Wednesday 4th May – a hot, sunny day! I wore my summer running stuff for the first time this year.

Selfie, Running

Day 126 – Thursday 5th May – a lovely hot, sunny day. My son was off school ill and the only photos I took were of flowers. This is one of the new ones my daughter planted.

Flowers, Garden, 365, 366

Day 127 – Friday 6th May – another hot and sunny day. It’s been a slow work week, but I’ve been able to work in the garden, watching all the flowers come out.

Clematis, Flower, Garden, 365, 366

Day 128 – Saturday 7th May – was very pleased to have my younger son join my daughter and I for Parkrun today. It’s the first time he’s run in about six months. He kept promising he would run when it was hot and he was true to his word! Unfortunately my daughter hates running when it’s hot and moaned all the way round.

Trainers, Running, Daughter, Son, Parkrun



Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Great photos!….
    Your garden is looking great….So much colour and prettiness!
    What a change in the weather….I think it needs to make it’s mind up. hehehe

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    • Thanks very much! Our garden is looking lovely at the moment. I’d love the weather to stay nice x

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  2. Great fortnight Sarah, apart from the kids being ill. Love all the flowers in the garden. I can’t be trusted with flowers as I just kill them. Ah Blog On, loved every minute of it and it was so good to finally meet you. Same time next year x

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    • Thanks very much. It was great to see you too! We’re not very good at keeping flowers alive either, but a few that were here before we moved in have survived!

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  3. So lovely to see you last week and awesome news for Leicester! Well done to them. Some great shots there Sarah. I love the frost one. Hope the children are fully recovered now x

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    • Thanks very much. The kids are all better now, thanks. I still can’t get over the excitement of Leicester winning! x

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  4. Lovely summery summary. I didn’t realise you’d gone to blog on. It sounds like it was great. I love that painting by numbers, very vibrant colours.

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    • Thanks very much. I really enjoyed BlogOn! I’m hoping my daughter finishes her painting. x

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  5. I used to do the Monday shopping thing and then it got less convenient to get a few bits on a Monday because a shop closed down. I have now got better at buying enough when I go on a Thursday, but it took a while to get my head round it. So lovely to see you at the weekend.

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    • Lovely to see you too! I’m impressed that you manage to avoid Monday shopping. I think I’m going to need to go again tomorrow! We get a Tesco delivery on Wednesday and end up doing top-up shops most days too!

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  6. Was so good to see you and that photo of you is just lovely! I always always do an online shop then need to go to the shops for something come Monday! I hear some people actually buy everything they need in one shop. Have you ever thought of doing the London marathon?

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    • It was great to see you! Glad it’s not just me who needs to do top-ups shops! We get a delivery on a Wednesday, but I’m forever doing top-up shops. I’ve actually just started thinking about doing the London marathon. I think I need to do at least one marathon in my life!

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  7. What a great week and was so lovely to see you last weekend. Way to go to your football team and love all the pretty flower pics x

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    • Was so lovely to see you too! It’s so easy to take flower pics at this time of year. They just look lovely! x

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  8. It was too hot for running today!! 😉 My job share’s husband is a Leicester fan and almost put a £100 bet on them at the start of the season on a whim but not being a betting man he didn’t bother – she is rather miffed!! You’ve also just answered a question I put to myself earlier about whether soya yogurts exist!

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    • I really don’t envy your for running today! Imagine how much £100 bet would have turned into – she could have retired! Yes, soya yogurts definitely exist! I eat two or three of them every day.

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  9. I am with your daughter I dont like the heat either, but nice that your son is joining you, a real family pastime.
    Shame you did not have a £1 bet on your team at the start of the season.
    Glad you enjoyed the BlogOn event, the ball pool has featured in a few pictures I have seen.
    They are my fav yoghurts, love those flavours, though my favourite is the big tub of almond flavour, but I only buy it if it is on special.

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    • I”m not too keen on the heat for running, but I do like nice warm weather!
      The ball pool at BlogOn was very popular!
      It’s a real shame I didn’t have a bet on Leicester at the start of the season! It never even crossed my mind.

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  10. I love it when it starts to warm up (which it finally has this week) but I’m not a fan of running in the heat! Love the photo of you with Tas and Erica 🙂 I don’t bother shopping over the weekend, I always do mine on a Monday morning. Makes packed lunches creative on a Monday though!

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  11. lovely photo of you with Tas and Erica 🙂 I am with you on the shopping – i guess its because more gets eaten over the weekend as everyone is home .
    Such vibrant coloured flowers too – as you ay, it has been wonderful having some warmer weather and it def cheers me up too.

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