Loud ‘n’ Proud 21.4.16

Here we are again. It’s Thursday, so it must be time for Loud ‘n’ Proud!

You know Loud ‘n’ Proud? It’s the linky that says it’s OK to be proud and shout about the good stuff! Because if you’re not going to celebrate yourself, your kids or your partner, then who is?

It’s really very simple. Just write a post about an achievement you’re proud of – it could be something huge like getting a promotion at work or it could be something small like finally getting out of the house on time. All that matters is that it’s a proud moment!

So if your baby has slept through the night, your toddler has used the potty or your teen has started revising, let us know about it!

(We don’t even mind if you share an old post, as long as it hasn’t been shared with Loud ‘n’ Proud before.)

We’d love you to grab the badge and please support your fellow linkers by reading and commenting on a couple of the other posts. We look forward to reading about your proud moments!

Loud ‘n’ Proud is rotated between Mama Owl, 3 Children and It and yours truly. It will be back with 3 Children and It next week.


Author: Sarah Mummy

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