Keeping up at school with Education Quizzes

With the national curriculum changing, and becoming increasingly demanding, many parents are keen to do whatever they can to support their children’s education at home.

But what to do? Spend money on textbooks that get boring and are quickly ditched?

Online educational quizzes are becoming more and more popular as a way of supporting children’s education – and they don’t seem like hard work, because they’re fun!

Education Quizzes are designed for all children. The quizzes for pupils cover the full curriculum from Key Stage 1, though Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 and right up to GCSE. There’s even a section for the 11-Plus (grammar school entrance exam). As a parent of a KS2 child, who will be sitting the 11-Plus later this year, a KS3 child and one who is in his first year of GCSEs, this couldn’t be more perfect!

The quizzes are written by teachers and address students in an adult and non-patronising way. As well as covering the core subjects of English, maths and science, the site includes quizzes in a huge range of subjects, like RE, history, ICT, PE and music across the key stages.

Dig a little deeper and you’ll see just how comprehensively each subject is covered.As an English and grammar geek myself, I took a closer look at KS3 English and counted 94 separate quizzes (there may have been slightly more or slightly less, as I say, I’m an English geek, not a maths geek!). The quizzes covered literally every aspect of the subject, including adjectives, use of capital letters, vocabulary building, spelling and my own favourite/ bugbear – use of apostrophes. Each section contains 10 questions and there are several quizzes on some of the topics.

All of my kids were happy to have a play with the site and all found it useful and easy to use. As both my younger children are some way ahead of where they should be educationally, they both found the sections for their own key stage a little bit easy, but my daughter enjoyed tackling the KS3 section, as well as the 11-Plus section.

Online quizzes are a great way to support children’s education and every quiz is reinforcing what they have learned at school and taking them one step closer to education success and great exam results.

A subscription to Education Quizzes is £7.50 a month, which can be cancelled at any time. The company has also recently launched a Schools section, which means a school can pay for a subscription on behalf of all of its pupils. This can work out as little as £2 per pupil, per year.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. This sounds excellent, I find testing myself to be the best way to learn, so I’d it’s definitely recommend it to my children when they’re preparing for exams.

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    • Thanks very much. It’s definitely a good way to learn and reinforce everything they’ve covered in school 🙂 x

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  2. I don’t think I appreciated just how intense the education system is these days. My God, its changed SO SO much and I think anything that can help kids outside of class is good. These look really good. Z loves anything where he’s learning but not realising its educational (if that makes sense!)

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