Loud ‘n’ Proud 10.3.16

Yes, it’s that time of the week again already. The time when we all get the chance to shout about the things we’re really proud of.

Did your kids plan the perfect Mother’s Day? Or maybe they got a certificate at school? Did your other half get a promotion at work? Or run a 10k?

And what about you? I bet you’ve done something to be proud of because, let’s face it, mums do things to be proud of every single week, but they rarely shout about it. But where’s the harm in it? Where’s the harm in saying – I got the kids out of the house on time without shouting, go me! Or I went for a run for the first time, I helped out at school or I made a brilliant birthday cake. We all do these things all the time, so why not record them? (Except me, I’ve never made a brilliant birthday cake.)

This week, I’m proud of my daughter for dancing in dance festivals with school. And proud of myself for putting her first and going along to watch, when I could easily have stayed at home to work. I’m also extremely proud of my younger son for his first secondary school parents’ evening.

The achievements can be big or small. The posts can be recent, or not so recent (we’re not strict round here!), we just want to hear about your proud moments.

Loud ‘n’ Proud is hosted in turn by myself, 3 Children and It and Mama Owl. It’s back with the lovely 3 Children and It next week.

Please add your posts to the linky below, grab the badge and visit a couple of other posts and comment on them.We all love to get comments don’t we? The hosts’ posts are marked ‘host’ and ‘co-host’ and we really like to get comments too!

We look forward to reading about what you and your families are feeling Loud ‘n’ Proud of this week!



Author: Sarah Mummy

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