The new kitchen – a year on!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already a year since we were living in chaos with half a kitchen, desperate to see our new kitchen finished and ready for us to enjoy.

But, at the same time, it’s quite hard to remember the kitchen as it once was. We had a separate kitchen and dining room, hideous 1980s units, a dirty blue wall, a stained lino floor, a sink that leaked and a very temperamental oven and hob. It didn’t exactly make meal preparation easy or a pleasure!

Although I’ll never be cook of the year – or anywhere near it – our new kitchen has made life a lot easier for us. It really works for us. All our plates, bowls and cutlery are stored under the breakfast bar, which also serves as an easy area for passing meals over to the family in the dining area. We have a bigger hob and a double oven, which is perfect for a family like ours, which includes two vegetarians and a lot of fussy eaters! Yes, I know I shouldn’t make separate meals for everybody, but it’s the right thing for my family, so I often do. We finally have a decent-sized fridge and freezer, so we can actually buy enough food to last us for a week or even more.

New kitchen, Kitchen, Interiors

Oh, and it goes without saying that nothing is dirty, stained or from the 1980s any more! Our kitchen is a real pleasure.

Since we’ve had the new kitchen, we’ve definitely been cooking more at home. Now I just need to improve the range and variety of meals we make and which the family will eat.

New kitchen, Kitchen, Interiors


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. It’s even better in the flesh

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    • Thanks! It is 🙂

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  2. Ooh your kitchen is so nice. I would love to do mine but it’s just a bit dated, it works perfectly fine other than that!

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    • Thanks! Ours was very dated AND it didn’t work properly. It definitely needed doing and I’m so glad we did!

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  3. Oh wow! That year has flown over….
    Your kitchen is gorgeous!
    I think if I had a kitchen like that I would be so much happier about cooking 🙂

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    • Thanks very much! I’m definitely a lot happier than I used to be about cooking and it’s much easier to keep clean too.
      It’s not quite a year – it was just over a year ago that we had the wall smashed down and the proper work started in March.

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  4. A year on? And work on our new kitchen only started this week! Your kitchen does look great. The old one sounds very similar to the one we’ve just removed; 80s units, stained lino, leaking sink, knackered oven. All history now!

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    • Good luck to you for your works! It won’t be much fun, but will definitely be worth it.

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