Getting my running mojo back

I’ve always loved running, but last summer and autumn I had to ease off a bit while I got over the injury that forced me to pull out of the Cheltenham half marathon.

From running four miles, four times a week, I was only running Parkrun and one other three mile run a week. When I wasn’t running, I walked a quick lap of the block instead to keep myself at least a bit fit.

And I started to enjoy walking round the block. I could chat to people on social media or I could read blogs. Walking was less time-consuming than running. When I got back home, I didn’t have to get changed or do stretches, I could just get on with my day. I started to look forward to my walks.

As my leg improved, I planned what days I would run. I would do Monday and Thursday. But then something would come up – some urgent work, a child off sick, a doctor’s appointment, an electrician coming round… There was always something coming up. So I wouldn’t run Thursday. I would attempt to do Friday instead, but four days would have passed without a run.

And it didn’t seem right. Yes, the walks were relaxing, but they weren’t the same as running. I could read the blogs later – or maybe not read them all. Running was better than walking. When I run, I feel somehow better mentally and physically. A run in the morning sets me up for the day in a way a walk can’t.

I realised that planning what day I was going to run didn’t work. Because maybe nothing would crop up on Tuesday or Wednesday, so it seemed silly to plan to run on those day.

Just before Christmas I changed my policy. I would run when I could. So if I could run on Monday, I would. If I could also run on Tuesday, I would. Because who knew if something was going to crop up on Wednesday or Thursday? Far better to get two runs under my belt than wait for a day or two and end up not running at all that week.

The only ‘rule’ now is that I won’t run four consecutive days. Generally I won’t three consecutive days, but I might do. There are no rules other than to run and enjoy it.

I’m averaging a run every other day and the world seems like a better place. I’m so glad to have got my running mojo back.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. This makes me very happy for you! I totally understand your feelings towards running and not running, as you know, so am glad you are getting back out there 🙂

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    • Thanks very much, it is so much better being able to run regularly again, even if I’m not doing very long distances.

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  2. Good on you….From reading I can tell how much you like running.
    I’m glad you have your mojo back x

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    • Thanks very much, it’s great to be enjoying running so much again. x

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  3. Running isn’t my thing but you obviously enjoy it and get a lot of out of it – not to mention keeping fit. Good on you! 🙂

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    • Thanks very much, I do absolutely love it!

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  4. That is great news and don’t you look fab in that picture. I am glad you have it back hon xx

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    • Thanks very much, so am I! Just have to aim not to lose it again now. x

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  5. That’s good Sarah, not having any rules is definitely the best way. I’m desperately trying to find mine too. I’ve had so long off now that the motivation has gone. The other thing is that I have to have a challenge to train for in order to make me go. I can’t commit to anything whilst my husband is still not recovering so I’ve got no motivation at all. I’m literally holding out for the girls to go to school at the moment for me to get back into running properly!x

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    • It must be so hard to find the motivation or the time with your husband not recovering. It was definitely the kids starting school that got me running properly. Before that, my last half marathon was in 1996! x

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  6. Well done you! I’m quite jealous of your runs, it used to really clear the cobwebs away as I pounded those pavements. I still miss it.

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    • Thanks very much! It definitely clears the cobwebs away and I know I would miss it if I had to give up.

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  7. Brilliant news, good for you! I haven’t been able to run for years and I wish I could, maybe one day if I can sort out my hip problems. I know that friends that run say that it is the best way to keep fit and also to clear your head, so it is great for you to get that time and space.

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