Stealing the show: Loud ‘n’ Proud

On the morning after my daughter’s first pantomime performance, a blogging friend asked if she stole the show. She was just being polite and making conversation of course, but I realised, that, YES, she actually DID steal the show!

The script included a small comedy part as a security guard for one of the smallest members of the chorus. My daughter and the other small girl auditioned for it and it was decided they should share the role. They could do it on alternate performances, and they could always do it if they had friends or family in to watch.

On opening night, the other girl had lots of family in, my daughter just had my husband and I. It was agreed that the other girl would do it. But then she get cold feet. She was nervous about doing it on the first night and also slightly disappointed about the bit of ballroom dancing she would miss out on while she was playing the security guard.

So she decided to let my daughter do it.

And nobody was happier than me.

Dandini called for ‘palace security’ and this little person marched on, dressed like a bouncer in a nightclub.

When I’d read the script, I knew it would be funny. But I didn’t expect it to get the reaction it got. People were laughing, clapping and cheering before she’d even spoken.

When Cinderella’s evil stepmother stared into my daughter’s eyes to insult her, she added the word ‘scene stealing’ to her line.

Yes, my little girl, dressed as a nightclub bouncer, had raised a bigger laugh than the ugly sisters (and the ugly sisters were VERY funny).

As we walked to the car park after the panto, I told my daughter how funny she’d been and how much everyone enjoyed her performance.

‘Oh yes, I was just saying that. You were very good,’ said a complete stranger.

Now that is something to be proud of. A complete stranger had been talking about my daughter and had taken the time to praise her.

She really had stolen the show and I couldn’t be prouder.

We’re going to watch the panto three more times. I want all of my family to see my little security guard, but I would like to see her do the extra bit of ballroom dancing too and wear a couple of prettier costumes that the security guard misses out on. But if I don’t see that, I will still be very happy. Because my daughter stole the show!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. No wonder you are proud, well done to her.

    I have to admit it is something I admire every year that not only are young people given the chance to take part, but such great boosts to their confidence.

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    • Thanks very much. It is a real boost to her confidence and definitely worth all of the missed school! She’s gained things from the panto she would never gain from school.

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    • Thank you! It was absolutely brilliant and I can’t wait to see it again.

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  2. Plays are such a big time commitment, but it’s great that you are so supportive to let her experience such an amazing opportunity

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    • Thanks very much. It is a huge commitment for both of us, but well worth it for everything she has gained from it. We would definitely do it again!

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  3. Congratulations to her, Sarah. One thing I will say is that now mine are older I absolutely see the value of Xmas plays/school plays. Ben was Scrooge when he was 10 and ‘The Grumpy Innkeeper’ when he was 6 or 7. Now he’s 17 he’s a fantastically good public speaker & I suspect that whatever he does in life, speaking and communication will be a central part of it. Some of that stems from his own personality, but equally plenty of it comes from the confidence he got from those early performances. Lots of luck to your daughter…

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    • Thanks very much. Scrooge is a great part! My daughter has always been pretty confident, but the panto has boosted her confidence even further. There’s no stopping her now!

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  4. It sounds brilliant and like there was a really good atmosphere. A huge well done to her, she must be a natural!!

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    • Thanks very much! I think she is a natural, but I also think she’s learned a lot from the panto which has made her perform even better 🙂

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  5. Well done to your daughter, Sarah! And stealing the show! It’s such a confidence booster, especially when strangers give compliments! I love the Arts and music, it does help build children! (and adults too!)!

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    • Thanks very much. I wasn’t sure if I was going to have arty kids. I always liked drama as a kid (although couldn’t sing or dance), but my husband always saw it as ‘pointless’, thinking that sport is the only ‘proper’ activity for kids. I’m pleased my daughter has proved him wrong!

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    • Thanks very much, that’s a lovely thing to say 🙂 x

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  6. How fantastic! And for someone outside your family to praise her too. It’s great that your daughter seized her opportunity with both hands – it must be great for her confidence.

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    • Thank you! She’s always been pretty confident, but it’s been a real confidence boost for her. It was lovely to hear the compliment from a stranger 🙂

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  7. Thanks very much, she did so well! I can’t wait to see her perform again. x

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  8. It sounds like she really did steal the show….You have a star in the making there! You have every reason to be proud x

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  9. That must have been such a good confidence booster for her. I know she’s already confident but for a complete stranger to take the time out to say so as well adds a little something, doesn’t it?

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  10. That must have been such a good confidence booster for her. I know she’s already confident but for a complete stranger to take the time out to say so as well adds a little something, doesn’t it?

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