Project 365 2015 Week 50

Christmas has finally made it to my blog – at least two weeks after everyone else. Although we still don’t have a Christmas tree, which is perfectly normal for us for this time of year and totally my choice.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 340 – Sunday 6th December – we went to the Christmas tree festival at our local church. We won third prize in the raffle (a hamper) – I’ve never seen the kids run so fast as they did to pick up our prize!

Christmas trees, Church, Christmas, 365

Day 341 – Monday 7th December – it was sunny and 14 degrees! Although of course it had gone dark before I thought to actually take a photo of the lovely blue sky. So this is the picture from my daughter’s advent calendar – she didn’t like it, but I thought it was quite funny.

Advent calendar, 365

Day 342 – Tuesday 8th December – I took my son to hospital for a check-up for his peanut allergy.

Allergy, Peanut allergy, Son, 365

Day 343 – Wednesday 9th December – I love giving Christmas cards to my husband and kids and, yes, I do expect to receive them in return. My husband learned to his peril last year how important it is to give me Christmas cards! I was very happy with this lovely one from my daughter.

Christmas card, 365

Day 344 – Thursday 10th December – I tackled the wrapping! I expected to get about half of it done, but managed to do the whole lot between lunch and the school run. I was feeling very proud of myself!

Wrapping paper, Christmas, 365

Day 345 – Friday 11th December – we posted our Christmas cards! Taking a photo of my daughter posting them is a bit of a tradition of mine, although she wasn’t particularly pleased with me for taking this picture.

Daughter, Christmas cards, Postbox, 365

Day 346 – Saturday 12th December – we get to watch the panto again later today. I can’t wait!

Panto, Daughter, Ticket, 365


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  1. Yay for Christmas!! Love your reindeer wrapping paper – I’ve been wrapping mine in shifts as they arrive in deliveries, I usually sit on Christmas Eve doing it then I get fed up! We won panto tickets last year and would love to go again but cinema for Snoopy & Star Wars will have to do this year. Well done getting all your cards posted – that’s one job I havn’t started yet! x

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    • Thanks! I’m actually ahead of myself with Christmas this year. It’s good to get the wrapping and cards done. My husband will take the boys to Star Wars, my daughter and I have no interest! I’m going to have a look at Snoopy to see if she would like that instead.

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  2. Hooray for Christmas!!
    Well done you for getting all the wrapping done! Do you want to come and do the last of mine? hehehe I hate wrapping!
    Have a great time at the panto 😀 x

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    • Ha ha, no chance! I don’t like wrapping either, but it just had to be done! I was very pleased with how much I managed. The panto was amazing, thanks! x

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  3. You’re definitely not the last one to get ready for Christmas – we haven’t done anything yet! I hate wrapping, that’s my job for this weekend. I love how excited kids get about raffle prizes lol.

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    • Eek! I’d be nervous about not doing anything! We don’t have a tree or any decorations, but I’m glad we’re sorted with presents and cards now.

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    • Thanks very much! I think I enjoyed the panto even more second time around. It really was brilliant!

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    • The plaits are her panto hair! Once they’re in, they stay in! We’re lucky that the peanut allergy has never really been a problem, we just have to stay alert.

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  4. Do you think you will miss the panto when it’s all over or will it be a blessed relief? I rather like that pic of your daughter posting the cards. I’m more than familiar with people moaning about me taking a photo though!

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    • My daughter will miss the panto in a big way when it’s over and I think I might miss it too. Things are a lot easier now she’s performing rather than rehearsing.

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  5. Hope the hamper was very nice. I think it would make me run very fast too 🙂 you sound so organised with all your cards. I’m still trying to find the batch I have in my house somewhere!

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    • The hamper was OK. The kids have wolfed the bits they like already. I suspect other bits may hang around for some time!

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  6. Thanks very much, they were very pleased with the hamper!

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  7. my youngest reached 14 when I was told i had to stop blogging about him and wasn’t allowed to use photos on social media at all, or even tag him on fb, it only lasted 3 years, I’m still not allowed to upload photos and have to refer to him as the teen, but i choose not to blog about their personal stuff but i am allowed to post of any achievements. I love the wrapping paper, good choice and well done on getting it all done in one afternoon, my lot only have a few presents just to open on the morning, they get money now these days

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    • Thanks very much! My boys actually don’t have that much to unwrap as their main presents are quite big and we don’t really do stocking fillers.
      I probably say more about my kids than they would like me to, but I say more nice things than negative things and I’ve never posted recognisable photos of them.

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      • my kids now get upset with me if i dont blog about them or upload photos of their successes, they accuse me of favouring the others lol

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  8. Snap – not much Christmas on my blog yet, although I did put the tree up today, and do wrapping. Although we’re light on presents. N’s is a bike, and the 4 eldest nephews will have money so it feels like I haven’t bought much.

    I meant to go to a tree festival near us, but didn’t have time in the end. Nice one on the raffle – worth winning.

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    • We haven’t bought that many presents either, which is pretty good! It’s years since we’ve bought our kids bikes. I think they all need them really.

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  9. I haven’t started any wrapping yet… To be honest I’m not convinced we’re finished buying… We’re keeping the present piles small this year, but I’m not sure they’re very even at the moment! That advent calendar picture made me chuckle 🙂

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  10. Having the wrapping out of the way is such a relief.
    Our tree was not up either, some people (imo) just put it up far too early.
    I am complaining about my allergies, worse for children as so much of their school life is beyond a parents control and must be worrying.

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  11. Can’t believe how quickly you got the wrapping done and that’s a lovely card from your daughter.

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