Family Christmas cards

Growing up, my Mum gave my Dad a Christmas card and my Dad gave my Mum a Christmas card. They gave us all a card each and we gave one to my Mum and one to my Dad (sometimes we gave them a card individually, sometimes we gave them together as a pair or a three). I used to love the day the family Christmas cards came out.

Growing up, my husband’s family didn’t do this. Why give a card to people you see every day?

But every year I inist we all give each other cards. And I remind him and remind him, because I don’t want him to forget. I don’t want to give him his husband and Daddy cards on 15th December and there be nothing for me.

But every year he winds me up anyway: “We don’t do family Christmas cards, do we?”

I can easily spend £20 on family Christmas cards. I know it’s a waste of money, but they are special to me. I always keep them after Christmas – the son cards, the daughter card, the husband card, the wife card, the Mummy and Daddy cards.

I don’t think my kids love and appreciate them as I much as I do or did. We weren’t poor growing up, but we had less than my kids have these days, so those cards were more special to me then than they are to my kids now.

I know lots of people prefer home-made cards. But I don’t. We don’t do crafting in our family. I have neither the time, the patience, nor the skills. A home-made card would be a folded piece of paper (not even card) with felt-tip on it – sweet, but not made to last.

The closest we get are cards from APFS ordered through the school to raise funds – each child designs a card and you can order a pack (or several packs of your own child’s design). I have a particular gripe about these in that you get a discount for two, three or more packs, but that you can’t share this between your children – so one pack from each child is way more expensive than two packs from the same child. So I don’t order many on principle. Just enough for close family and to keep with those other special cards.

Am I mad? Does anyone else do family Christmas cards? Do they really matter?

PS I’d just like to say that I really, really miss Clinton Cards. They did the best family Christmas (and birthday!) cards and I used to buy nearly all of them there 🙁

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I just love all Xmas cards, and the cheesy notes inside too. I think family ones are always extra special aren’t they? One day I want a cheesy photo card, complete with jumpers 🙂

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  2. My family have always sent family Christmas cards, the cheesier the better 🙂

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  3. Well, for once I don’t agree with you! I get that they have sentimental value and all that, but the whole idea of giving a card to someone I am sitting next to on Christmas day seems odd! Anyway, I would imagine it would just be me giving cards out and noone else would partake in the tradition 😉

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  4. I always give Christmas cards to my nearest and dearest, the fact I may see them everyday makes no difference. In fact, I have this evening received my card from my parents which is very special to me and it would not seem like Christmas if I didn’t get it.

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  5. I still feel that you can’t beat the sentiment of a card – whether it be Christmas or Birthday. And what you choose shows you what type of person both you and the recipient are. I also think that VERY sadly cards are starting to become a dying breed. Incidentally, I am a fellow sponsor on Love All Blogs and have just got round to visiting everyone elses to say hi! 🙂

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  6. Thanks very much, everyone! Glad I’m not the only one who loves these family cards. But totally appreciate your opinion too, Suzanne! Sometimes when I spend all that money, I do wonder what I’m doing!
    Hi Tori – I’ve been trying to visit all the sponsors too! I probably haven’t managed quite all of them yet, but I’ve stopped by your blog before anyway 🙂

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  7. i send them to my close family but not my children , i will when they leave home though …

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