The Scout badges: Loud ‘n’ Proud

Scouting is my eldest’s thing. It’s what he does best and what he loves the most. He loves every aspect of it – the camping, the hiking, the challenges, the activities, the great outdoors… He throws himself into it all and takes every opportunity that comes his way. He thrives on it and excels at it and I really admire him for that.

Most Scouts either move onto Explorers or give up Scouting altogether sometime in year 9. But not my son! My son was determined to get his Chief Scout’s Gold Award, so he stayed on for the first few weeks of year 10 to ensure all the i’s were dotted and the t’s crossed for him to get his award.

The Chief Scout’s Gold Award is the top award in Scouting. They’re not given out willy-nilly. Not every Scout gets one. In fact, relatively few Scouts get them. To get one, Scouts need to earn nine different challenge badges, covering all aspects of Scouting. To achieve those badges, they need to remain a Scout for the duration (Scouts starts at 10 and a half and can go on as long as 14 and a half) and really throw themselves into everything Scouting has to offer. Just like my son.

So it was a proud moment for me, when my son was awarded the Chief Scout’s Gold Award, in front of an audience of Scouts, Cubs, leaders and parents, for everything he has achieved. He can now move onto Explorers confident that he has achieved everything he set out to achieve – and with the all-important badge on his new uniform.

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Towards the end of the session where my son received his badge, one of the senior leaders from the area came in and sat down quietly. He was one of the organisers of the local group on the Scout camp to Holland. Funnily enough, I’d emailed him the other day and said that maybe he remembered my son from the camp?

Well, he did remember him. Because it turns out he was there especially for my son.

On the Scout camp in Holland, my son had taken part in a mammoth 30 mile hike. When the activities were allocated and he saw that there were a number of hikes to choose ranging from five miles to 30, he knew which one he was choosing!

But it wasn’t as straightforward as that. Because that hike was for Explorers only and my son was a Scout. But he was determined. For the best part of a week he worked on persuading the leaders and convincing them he could do it. They were reluctant. They felt it was too big a risk to let a Scout do such a big hike.

But his begging paid off and he did his hike. Thirty whole miles over a variety of terrains, taking around 13 hours, at the age of just 14. It was a fantastic achievement for him.

And that leader had made the effort to go out on a dark October evening to stand up in front of leaders, parents, Cubs and Scouts, especially to praise my son, for his persistence and his achievement and award him a badge for doing the 30 mile hike.

I was so proud of my son.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I can imagine it’s a lot of work. I can remember the Queen’s Guide badge from my days of guiding and I only knew one person who got it. Well done him!

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    • Thanks very much! It is a lot of work, but he really enjoyed every minute of it 🙂

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  2. Wow that is quite an achievement. A huge well done to your son on getting his Chief Scout Gold Award and how amazing that the Scout leader from the Scout camp in Holland came especially for your son. A 30 mile hike is quite something for a 14 year old to do and definitely a proud mum moment. Thank you for hosting #loudnproud

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    • Thanks very much! It was an amazing achievement. I still can’t imagine how he managed to walk that far and I really appreciated the leader coming along especially to celebrate his achievement.

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  3. well done to him! trying to persuade my son to stay in cubs at the minute! he has the bronze chief scout award from Beavers but hope one day he will aspire to being as diligent as your son

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    • Thanks very much! Cubs and Scouts just seems to get more and more exciting. I really hope your son decides to stay on.

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  4. That is a lovely looking badge! And chief scout sounds really serious too 🙂 Certainly something to be proud off 🙂 #loudnproud.

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    • Thanks very much. A really proud moment for us all 🙂

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  5. I am really pleased your son has gained his Chief Scout Gold Award, it is indeed an achievement. He can now look forward to earning his Explorer awards and ultimately his Queens Scout Award. It is a testament to his tenacity and his abilities that his Leaders did let him do the Explorer hike, and I am sure he will continue to progress.

    I only hope that he is sewing the badge onto his new Explorer uniform!!

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    • Thanks very much! He has so much enthusiasm for Scouting that I really hope he keeps going. It would be brilliant to see him go on to get his Queens Scout Award.
      (Grandma sewed the badge on for him!)

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  6. You have every reason to be proud….That is such a great achievement! Well done your boy x

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    • Thanks very much! I’m really proud of him, he’s done brilliantly 🙂 x

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  7. What a fantastic achievement for your son, no wonder you are so proud! And how lovely of the other leader to make the effort to witness your son get his award.

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    • Thanks very much, it really was a brilliant achievement and I really appreciated the other leader taking the time to present him with the award.

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  8. What a fantastic achievement! Well done to your boy and you for raising him to be so determined and hard working.

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    • Thanks very much! That’s lovely to say well done to me too 🙂 I’m not sure how much credit I can take. It amazes me how different my kids all are when they were raised in the same way!

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  9. Wow Sarah, this is amazing! I do hope he is planning to do the Duke of Edinburgh awards, he would surely relish them? A suitably Loud ‘n’ Proud moment for sure.

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    • Thanks very much! Yes, he’s planning to do D of E in the future with Explorers.

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