Year Five

My daughter, my little girl, my baby is going into year 5. How is that even possible? Surely she’s only just started school? Surely she’s far too little.

But, no, my little girl really is starting year 5.

She’s not so little any more, although that’s hard to remember sometimes with your youngest. Because she’s still a lot smaller than her brothers.

Year 5 just sounds so grown up. Year 5 is serious. Year 5s have responsibilities. Year 5s get picked for school teams. And year 5s start getting just a taste of the pressure of year 6. There’s CATs (cognitive ability tests)(unless they’ve stopped those under the new curriculum, who knows?). And the grammar school test is only a year a way (already? how? I’ve only just recovered from my son sitting it), so this is the year my daughter needs to start working for it.

Maybe it’s because she will be on her own at school, without her brother. She’s never had to pay in the dinner money or take the letters home – she’s always had a brother (or brothers) to do that for her. It’s a small thing, but she still says she’s going to find it weird. Or maybe it’s because she will miss her amazing year 4 teacher, but my daughter doesn’t want to be a year 5. She’s always looked forward to moving up a year, but she doesn’t feel ready for year 5.

The end of primary school is in sight for us both now.

I’m not sure I’m ready for year 5 either.


The way she was – starting school

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. This post strikes such a chord with me, also having a daughter just going into year 5. I was an emotional mess when my son left primary school 2 years ago, and I have no idea how I will cope when its daughters time. Hope she has a wonderful time in year 5 and enjoys the responsibilities of bringing those all important school letters home xx

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    • Thanks very much. Leaving primary school is emotional and it’s weird just having one child there. She’s brought her first letters home today and successfully paid the dinner money in! x

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  2. Aww! Bless her! I hope she has had a great day! I hope she manages OK without her brothers. It must be so daunting for her x

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    • Thank you! It’s strange to be daunted when you’re in the second oldest year group in the school, but I think it’s always been a comfort to her knowing that her brother is there. Luckily she had a really good day, thanks. x

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  3. Aww it must feel like a huge step for her to be the only one there now and have responsibilities like the dinner money and letters. Hope she loves this year. How cute does she look when she was starting 🙂

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    • I know! Very cute! You forget how much they change. It’s strange to worry about dinner money and letters, but she’s never had to do them, so it’s alien to her. Her first day went well and I’m sure she will love year 5!

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  4. Aw that photo is so adorable!! It must be strange this year, especially as she is your youngest. I know that I am feeling weird about only having one left in primary but at least we have a few years to go. I’m sure she will grow into Year 5, I though that about L at the beginning of the year and he has grown up so much.

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