Padstow: A good break

I’ll be honest. I really wasn’t feeling our annual holiday to Padstow this year.

We went on the last full week of the school holidays and it felt too late. Too dark. Too cold. Too wet. It was so late in the holidays, I’d almost forgotten that we hadn’t been. And I’d already had a lovely trip to Amsterdam with my husband and daughter and the boys had had their amazing Scout camp (which I’m pleased to say they’re still talking about now, because they loved it so much).

I wasn’t even sure we needed a trip to Padstow.

Plus, the kids’ behaviour in the last couple of weeks before the holiday had left a lot to be desired. I wasn’t sure I really needed the hassle of all the washing, packing and unpacking going away for a week with a family of five entails, if it just meant I was going to all that trouble to transfer the bad behaviour from home to Padstow.

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As ever, my husband worked basically all the hours he would be away in the run-up to the holiday (plus a bit of the holiday too). It seems like an awful lot of pressure on him and there’s a knock-on effect on me. By the time we set off, we were both feeling the strain. The morning ended up in three of us yelling at each other and both my eldest and I saying we didn’t want to go on holiday and wanted to stay at home.

On the way down, my husband said we wouldn’t go on holiday this late again (which I totally agree with) and then that maybe this would be our last trip to Padstow. To be fair, he says that every year and we always change our minds in about January. But my daughter was horrified. Because going to Padstow is what we do. We love it. It’s like our second home. My eldest was pleased. He’s bored of Padstow. He wants to go on a ‘proper’ holiday to Greece or Spain or Egypt. Foreign holidays are cool. Other people have them, why can’t he?

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So, when we arrived, we weren’t expecting much.

And when we saw the weather forecast, we weren’t even sure we would survive a week. Heavy rain some days. Light rain other days. Top temperatures of 18. Or 16. Would we even got to the beach at all?

But then something strange happened.

We started to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Despite it being our 15th consecutive year in Padstow, we found some new things to do.

The kids eased up on their arguments just a bit.

And, while there was torrential rain when we woke up for five mornings, it only lingered on a couple of days. Some days it had cleared by 8am and, shock horror, the sun came out! Temperatures may have topped 21 or 22 degrees on a couple of days.

We didn’t have to go home early.

And we didn’t get bored.

In fact, we ran out of time and ended up cramming things in at the end.

Against the odds, we’d had a good holiday. A better one than we’d had in a few years.

Padstow had really been the break we needed.

And, on the day we got home, my husband started searching for our holiday for next year. We’re definitely going back.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Sounds like the perfect break just before school starts all over again and a place where you all reset yourselves.

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    • Thanks! It was a remarkably good break 🙂

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  2. I do love that part of the world. Even if the weather is grotty (which it often is, when we go to Devon and Cornwall anyway!) the different pace of life and the general beauty of everything never fails to energise and recharge us. Glad you enjoyed your holiday after all xx

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    • Thanks very much. It was a very pleasant surprise to enjoy it like that. It’s quite often wet when we’re there too! x

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  3. We went away really late last year, the first year CC started school and I’m not sure I’d do it again either, if only because of the stress of making sure everything is sorted for school before and holiday fatigue settling in. In fairness, I’m not sure the weather would have made that much difference whenever you went this year! Am pleased you had a good time despite your hesitation!

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    • You’re right about the weather! I don’t think we’ve had a single week of good weather this holiday. I would still avoid the end of the holidays again, though. It does feel like too much of a rush afterwards and too long a wait beforehand!

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    • Thanks very much. It was a very pleasant surprise! x

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  4. Wow I can’t believe you have been 15 years on the run. It must feel like your second home. I love places that pull you back time and time again. Looks like it really was the break you all needed. Lovely pictures Sarah x

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    • Thanks very much. It really does feel like a second home. We’d been three times before, then went when my eldest was nine weeks old and have been every single year since! x

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