First solo Parkrun

Saturday mornings for us are always busy. In fact, pretty much all of our time is busy. The last time we did Parkrun, we realised we wouldn’t be able to do it again for four weeks. But we would be able to manage it last weekend – the boys were on Scout camp and the rest of us were home.

But last week was hot. Even the weekend when it had cooled down a bit.

When I told my daughter it was going to be 20 degrees at 9am, she decided to opt out. I could have gone for a run locally instead, but I decided I wanted to do Parkrun to see what speed I could actually do it in if I was my own.

I hadn’t seen anyone running with headphones, so I decided not to take mine. I always run with headphones – it helps me focus and my Runkeeper app keeps my pace on track. I thought I’d run with a pacesetter instead, but there wasn’t one. Then I noticed the people who run fast actually DO wear headphones. So I set off at what I hoped was a reasonable pace, without my headphones to help me. It was hot and crowded, but I knew it would soon thin out and it did.

Pretty early on in the second lap I was already hot and thirsty and already thinking ‘I’ll see the 2k sign soon, then I’ll be nearly halfway’. I’m happy to run in pretty much any conditions, apart from heat. When I’m hot, I always start thinking about how long it is until the end. But it was good to be running properly and to be the one doing the lapping, not the one being lapped.

At the start of the third lap, I had a pleasant surprise – my daughter and husband, there to cheer me on. My daughter was surprised when I told her I was starting my final lap.

By 4k I would have walked, had it not been for the fact that I knew I only had another kilometre to go. I don’t believe in walking when I run, but sometimes it’s just too hot to keep going and it has to be done.

As I approached the finish, at the point where my daughter had started sprinting last time, she started to run with me. She beat me, her legs were fresh, mine were hot and tired. But I had enough left in the tank to pip a couple of people to the post.

So how did I do? I finished in 25 minutes and 8 seconds and was 119th overall out of 356 runners. Most importantly to me, I was 19th woman home and placed third in my category.

I love running Parkrun with my daughter – it’s a great mother-daughter bonding experience, but it’s great to be able to run it properly and achieve a time and position I’m proud of!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Brilliant, well done. That’s a speedy time especially in the heat. Lovely that they popped up to cheer you, it really helps doesn’t it!

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    • Thanks very much! It was really good to see them! They’re usually there when I run half marathons (annoyingly, they keep phoning me!).

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  2. That’s amazing, well done! You should be so proud of that time – my PB is only 28 mins and that was with a fair wind! I’ve never tried Parkrun before although there’s one witching spitting distance of my front door! Maybe I’ll give it a go soon. x

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    • You’ll really should give it a go! It’s a really nice, relaxed atmosphere and everyone is very supportive.

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  3. Wow that’s pretty impressive, well done!! It sounds like it was a very good run. I’d be really terrible at it 🙂

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    • Thanks very much! It was really enjoyable (if slightly warm). It was nice to run it on my own, but will definitely do it with my daughter again.

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  4. That is fantastic! Well done you! I would be terrible. I really can’t run. lol x

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    • Thanks very much! I’m sure you wouldn’t be terrible! x

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  5. Well done you! This is something I’ve never been good at. Must be great to get out on your own to see what time you can get but at the same time so much fun for Zmither and Daughter time. Something that seems a rare thing these days for us

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    • It was good to see what I could achieve on my own, but I do enjoy that bit of bonding time with my daughter (even if she does moan a bit!).

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  6. That’s brilliant! Well done you, especially not stopping on a hot day. I’m slowly building up my fitness, but I still don’t think I’ll ever run lol x

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    • Thanks very much! Great to hear you’re getting fit. x

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  7. I keep saying to my husband that we should give the Park Runs a try over the summer while our Saturdays aren’t filled with football and other things. I love the idea and I know he and the boys would love it. I would have to spectate as I have a hip problem but they are so good for families.

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  8. That’s brilliant, well done you! I’m starting to learn to love running, but I’m not great with pacing myself yet – a steep learning curve for me. I’ll check out the app you mentioned, thanks for that. You should be very proud of yourself, that’s a great result especially in the hot weather. Thanks for linking up with me! #loudnproud

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