Project 365 2015 Week 24 & 25

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I seem to have been constantly planning, organising, packing and unpacking.

I also crossed a line by starting to work on Sundays. I’m now working seven days a week. Hopefully it won’t last forever. I’m just grateful to have work and know I need to make the most of it while I’ve got it, because it might dry up!

Here’s our week fortnight in pictures…

Day 158 – Sunday 7th June – we went to see the Back to the Future Delorean at the Cheltenham Science Festival. My eldest, who is a real film buff, was more than happy to pay £5 to sit in it and have his photo taken in it.

Back to the Future, Cheltenham Science Festival

Day 159 – Monday 8th June – OK, I’m cheating  a bit here. We bathed the guinea pigs on Saturday, but I didn’t get the photos off my camera until today. We learned from my daughter’s favourite programme, Pet School, that they should be bathed three or four times a year. It was quite good fun!

Guinea pig, Pet, 365

Day 160 – Tuesday 9th June – it’s Daddy’s birthday this week, so my daughter and I got on with wrapping his presents.

wrapping paper, birthday, husband, 365

Day 161 – Wednesday 10th June – I got home from dropping my daughter at dance to find my son up this tree. I have no idea how he got up there as there are no low branches!

Tree, Son, 365

Day 162 – Thursday 11th June – Pumba was out – I got everything ready for my husband’s birthday tomorrow.

Birthday, Husband, 365, Pumba

Day 163 – Friday 12th June – happy birthday to my husband! 42 today! At the last minute he decided we should have a flying visit to Cornwall, so we stayed in this Travelodge!

Travelodge, Cornwall, 365

Day 164 – Saturday 13th June – we spent the day in Padstow, my very favourite place, although the weather was pretty poor.

Padstow, Cornwall, 365

Day 165 – Sunday 14th June – a flying visit to look at this lighthouse near Padstow and we set off for home.

Lighthouse, Son, Padstow, Cornwall, 365

Day 166 – Monday 15th June – another day, another boy goes away and leaves me! Same suitcase, different son – this time my younger son going off to Wales until Friday on his year 6 residential.

Suitcase, Son, School residential, 365

Day 167 – Tuesday 16th June – I walked into my younger son’s room and it was strange to see it empty (and tidy!).

Bedroom, Son, 365

Day 168 – Wednesday 17th June – I returned to Gloucester, where I used to work, for a rare work meeting. I’d forgotten how weird it is there, but the cathedral is beautiful.

Cathedral, Gloucester, 365

Day 169 – Thursday 18th June – I packed for Britmums Live! (And did about 300 other things as I was busy and stressing!)

Packing, Suitcase, BritmumsLive, 365

Day 170 – Friday 19th July – ready for the off! All packed up for Britmums Live and worrying how my family will cope without me!

Project 365 is a bloghop. The bloghop will open at 9pm on Saturday. Hop over to see what others have been up to this week!

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  1. I love Gloucester Cathedral, I took my Nikon camera with me as I don’t have a picture of all of it in one shot, but I failed (again). did your post card arrive? Hope you enjoyed Britmums and it was worth the ironing.

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    • The cathedral always makes for a fantastic photo! The postcard never came! He had some excuse or other! Britmums was brilliant, thanks.

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  2. Love the lighthouse picture. Hope your husband had a good birthday, lovely that you got away for a little break – sometimes we all need one of those! Pretty impressive tree climbing too!

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    • Thank you! The break was good, even with the poor weather! I really like the lighthouse pic too 🙂

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  3. The Delorean is getting around….It was up here in Newcastle when we were at Comic Con a few months ago….Love it!
    Your son did a real good job of climbing the tree…lol
    Ahh! Pumba! I hope your hubby had a great birthday and your son enjoyed his residential!
    I hope you had a fab time at Britmums x

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    • Thanks very much! It was a really good couple of weeks. My son loved his residential and I loved Britmums (although I think I’m still tired from it days later!). x

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  4. The flying visit idea is fantastic. Always lovely to have a surprise break somewhere and it looks like it was really good!

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    • The flying visit was a great idea, even though it’s a long way to travel. It made a really lovely change.

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  5. i think i might have paid £5 to sit inside the De Lorean too to be honest. what a cool thing to do, and see and touch!!!
    i hope your husband had a great birthday – a trip to Cornwall was a good idea. I love Padstow, in fact I was there this time last year for the weekend!
    i hope you had a great time at Britmums xx

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    • My son was so excited about sitting inside the DeLorean! Britmums was brilliant, thanks, as was Padstow – even though it’s a long journey and the weather was a bit rubbish!

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  6. A busy time for you. We were saying the other day that none of us had ever been to Gloucester which is a bit daft given it isn’t that far away. The cathedral looks lovely. Hope you enjoyed Britmums.

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    • Very busy! I will be glad when life slows down a bit. Gloucester isn’t a particularly nice place, tbh, but the cathedral is stunning and the docks are lovely.

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  7. Lovely to have had an unexpected break away, and I do love the lighthouse shot. The photo of Gloucester cathedral is gorgeous x

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    • Thanks very much! We don’t tend to do unexpected breaks away, but it was a very good idea! The weather was so cold and drizzly when I took the lighthouse photo! Gloucester cathedral always looks beautiful 🙂 x

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    • Thanks! He is gorgeous 🙂 Britmums was brilliant, thanks – my third time and I enjoyed it more than ever.

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  8. Hope you had fun at Britmums. Love the back to the future car, I would love to see that. Guinea pig is so cute and happy birthday to your husband. x

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    • Thanks very much! My son was so happy to see the Back to the Future car. I had a brilliant time at Britmums and my guinea pig is definitely very cute 🙂 x

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  9. I love Padstow too but never knew they had a Travelodge! How’s the Caitlin Moran book? I saw it the other day. Gloucester looks lovely, never been but not that far for a trip 🙂

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  10. I am sure the family survived the ordeal, sometime I think it is good for them. Happy belated birthday to hubby, good grief that is a large pile of pressies.
    Nice sometimes to just be spontaneous.Your on does not look too pleased sat at the lighthouse, maybe a bit early in the morning for him.
    I use to spend half my childhood in trees, there is always a way up.

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  11. I had no idea that bathing guinea pigs was an actual thing – as you know we used to do ours anyway! Well done you for gadding off to Padstow last minute, that’s brilliant! x

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    • Yes, they actually advise bathing guinea pigs, so you were doing the right thing! It’s very unlike us to go somewhere without planning it properly, but it was a really good idea to go to Padstow 🙂 x

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