The Gallery: Animal (big, fluffy cat)

As we pulled into the drive after ballet, he was there.

‘Oh look,’ I said to my daughter. ‘A big, fluffy cat.’

We’re not big animal-lovers in our house, but I try to keep the kids interested in them and not afraid of them.

We’d never seen him before. He was black and fluffy, with patches of white.

My daughter went to talk to him and he followed her to the door. We could see his shape through the glass.

‘Tell the boys!’ I said, ‘They’d like to see him.’

My eldest loves animals, my younger son, not so much. But he loves cats.

‘He’s rolling on the grass!’ shouted my daughter, excitedly.

And she didn’t just mean the cat. Her biggest brother was rolling too.

There was a lost cat poster the kids had spotted in the village. They thought they’d better go and check it. The next thing I knew, I could hear Grandma’s voice. If anything happens at all in our house – good, bad or unusual, my mum is straight round. The kids had dragged her round to see the cat. And it wasn’t the cat on the poster.

By now, my younger son was out stroking him and talking to him.

‘I didn’t know he liked cats,’ said my mum.

‘They’re the only animals he likes.’

‘Can we have a cat? Can we keep him? I love cats!’

It was time for Scouts.

The boys went.

The big, fluffy cat didn’t.

We could see his shape through the glass in the door and we could hear him meowing. Loudly.

He sounded sad. He sounded hungry.

I felt sorry for him. I could feel my resolve crumbling. My head was saying ‘don’t feed him’, my heart was saying ‘feed him’. My mind was running away with me. Maybe we could keep him if he was lost?

But I stayed strong.

My daughter cried. She hated that he was lost and couldn’t find his way home. She was worried that he would starve.

I told her cats are hunters, that he would find food.

So why was he still crying outside our front door?

He’d been there for over two hours.

I realised there was another way. We didn’t have to keep him and he didn’t have to find his own way home. We could put up notices – online and off line and call the animal shelter in the morning. If he was still there in the morning, I would DEFINITELY feed him. As I googled and formed my plan of action, I realised something.

It had gone quiet.

We couldn’t see the big, fluffy cat any more.

He was gone.

And then the boys came home.

‘Where’s the cat gone? Shall we go and find him? Can we get a cat? I love cats!’

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This is the worst photo ever. My son took it on his phone.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Ha ha I love your disclaimer at the end: this is the worst photo ever! I wouldn’t have fed it either and I think the owner (from experience) wouldn’t have wanted you to. You would never get rid of it! You’re not getting a cat, are you?! x

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    • No, we’re not! Although my son will keep asking. It’s the dead animals in the kitchen that mainly puts me off! I had to put the disclaimer on the photo – if this hadn’t been a Gallery post I would have just used it without a pic!

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    • Yep, we probably are! 🙂

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  2. Aww, that’s SUCH a family story. I bet there are people up and down the land nodding along to that as they have experienced just this!
    We have an animal crazy daughter. She’s obsessed. I’ve never seen so many animal-related books in one bookcase. She judges people based on their favourite animal! We have the dog she craved, but I draw the line at a hamster – I couldn’t stand the loss after only a couple of years!

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    • I remember doing stuff like this as kids – my brother once even brought a puppy home and my mum, who isn’t an animal lover either, nearly caved and let him keep it! It’s funny how some kids are crazy about animals and some don’t like them at all! I wouldn’t get a hamster either, because they’re always asleep in the day (plus the dying thing).

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  3. Aww bless, you did the right thing! I take it you haven’t seen it since! I once found a very very tiny kitten under my car, no idea where it came from, it looked to young to even be away from its mother! We took it to the animal shelter, and I always wondered what happened to it!

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    • No, we haven’t seen it since, although the kids are still looking out for it! I think I would have struggled to part with the kitten, but the animal shelter is definitely the best place for them.

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  4. I love your crap cat photo! Brilliant! We’ve been known to take in a few strays (well my mum did when we were younger, she must have not been as strong as you!). I’m kind of glad for you that he/she disappeared! #thegallery

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    • I’m glad too, although the kids were disappointed at first. I know how easy it is to ‘adopt’ a cat and I didn’t want the hassle or responsibility, plus it’s not fair on the cat’s owners. I’m sure he found his way home!

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    • That’s a shame, hope you can get another one one day. They are lovely and I know I would like one if I had it, but I’m not tempted! x

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  5. Oh my word you are a stronger person than me. Don’t get me wrong I’d have put notices up, but that cat would have definitely been fed. And watered. And let in… you get the picture. When I was at uni, there was a rabbit that used to knock on the door every morning and come and have breakfast with us. Either toast or dry muesli. It would knock on the door as soon as it smelt the toast. I was never sure where it came from or who it belonged to, but it was always nice to have company at breakfast time.

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    • That’s so cute! I am such a softie for a rabbit, I would definitely have fed a rabbit! I’m not much of an animal person, although I would hate to see one come to any harm, but was able to resist the pitiful cries! (Just!)

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  6. We hadn’t seen him before, so suspect he’d strayed further than usual, but he didn’t come back, so he must have either made it home or found someone kind to feed him!

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  7. Ahh it probably found its way home again. We’re not very animal people either but my friends cat kept rubbing itself against my legs last week. It’s the first time ever I think a cat has liked me enough!!

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