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I’ve never shopped at Brantano before, but I’d heard they had a big range of shoes at a decent price. My daughter had recently scuffed her school shoes to bits and I was doing that thing of thinking ‘can they last until July?’. Because you know that if you buy something new in May, they will have grown again by September!

School shoes, Brantano, Clarks, Review

So it was very timely that Brantano approached me and asked if I’d like to take a look at their kids’ shoes. And it turns out that Brantano do A LOT of children’s shoes. They have the school shoes we needed, but also a lot more. You name it – they’ve got it – trainers, sandals, boots, slippers… and in lots of different brands, too. (Although the range for my younger son was rather limited – he’s only 11, but a size 6.5 and there was literally a couple of pairs to fit him.)

Clarks, School shoes, Brantano, Review

When it comes to school shoes, we like Clarks. You know where you are with Clarks – they’re reliable, hard-wearing and well-fitted. So I searched the Brantano website for a suitable pair. We’ve never bought kids’ shoes online before, so I wasn’t sure what to do about the sizing. I decided to go a half size bigger than her previous pair of school shoes and stick with the same width fitting – so we ended up with a 2.5F.

My daughter chose the Clarks Tasha Bay shoe and was very pleased with her selection. The range of school shoes at Brantano is constantly being updated, so there’s always something new coming in.

The shoes are very comfortable and I’m pleased to say that we got the fit spot-on!

There’s a great selection of kids’ shoes at Brantano and we will definitely be looking at their site for shoes again.

School shoes, Brantano, Review, Clarks

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