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After a night in which she did nothing but talk to herself, but at least didn’t need any medicine, my daughter woke up grumpy with a 38 degree temperature (an improvement!). This was make or break day. She was either going to the doctor or she was going to be better. Maybe she was better?

I helped her to the toilet where she discovered a new and alarming symptom – her foot was a strange blue colour and had gone numb or, as my daughter described it, ‘When I scratch it, it doesn’t hurt’. It was also rather cold. So that decided that one, then. It was a doctor day.

The doctor checked her over very thoroughly. There was no infection, just a nasty virus. The foot was more of a mystery. It was definitely numb, she couldn’t feel him touching it. There was no obvious cause, other than a strange post-viral thing. And we remembered this family has form for strange post-viral foot problems – two years ago my younger son was actually unable to walk following a bout of flu and ended up having physio.

I felt a weight off my mind knowing there was nothing ‘proper’ wrong with her, although we still had to wait the illness out. She got in the car and started coughing. And all I could think was ‘let’s hope we get home before she’s sick’, because I really didn’t want her being sick in my lovely car. It was five minutes, we could do it.

But she had other ideas.

She was out of the house for the first time in three days and she was in no hurry to go back. The sun was shining and she wanted to stay out. She wasn’t well enough to walk, so she just wanted a drive. But what if she was sick in the car? We did a deal – I went in to get the sick bowl.

We didn’t go far. We took the scenic route to the next village. We talked about my younger son playing football.

‘It’s so much fun!’ she said.

So much fun? She was supposed to be going and she hadn’t wanted to go at all. But I know what she meant. Everything seems fun and enjoyable when you can’t do it. I’d been just as much a prisoner in the house as she had. I’d found myself the previous day enjoying the freedom of pottering around the kitchen getting the boys’ lunch and unloading the dishwasher – things I hate normally.

She even enjoyed sitting at the level crossing waiting for a train. Another thing we usually hate.

She loved her 20 minutes of freedom. It was the best 20 minutes she’d had for three days. Then she went home to resume her viewing marathon of recorded reality TV shows. Without being sick in the car.

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You can read about my daughter’s illness here.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Bet you both enjoyed that drive. I think being stuck at home does give you a great appreciation of things. Not surprised you were worried about that foot – very strange.

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    • Thanks very much, I do appreciate the smallest opportunities to get out at the moment – the supermarket feels like a treat! The foot remains a mystery and still isn’t better four days after it first started.

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  2. Oh I’m sorry you’ve had such a rubbish time recently. It’s so tough on kids (and their parents!) being ill, especially when it lasts. Hope she’s able to spend more time doing her normal stuff again very soon x

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    • Thanks very much! Of course it can’t compare to families where children have chronic conditions. The last week has certainly made me appreciate the commitment of parents who have children with disabilities or long-term conditions. x

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  3. Ahhh bless her she sounds so happy just to be out the house. So glad she’s getting back to normal again, what a nasty time you’ve had this week x

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    • Thanks very much, it’s definitely not been the sort of week we would want to repeat in a hurry! x

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  4. Oh dear, its so hard isn’t it when our babies are ill. I absolutely hate sick and sickness. Glad she wasn’t sick in the car though and good thinking with the sick bowl!

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    • I hate sick and sickness too! Would have been devastated if she’d been sick in my car!

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  5. Oh bless her, what a shame. We’ve had a poorly baby the last few days but they seem to cope with it so much better when they’re tiny don’t they? I hope your daughter is feeling better soon.x

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    • Thanks very much! It is scary when babies are ill, but they do seem to cope better as they’re almost unaware of things being different. Hope she’s better now. x

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  6. Oh bless her! You forget sometimes how hard it is for them when they are cooped up in the house for a few days. Although new car or not, sickness in any car is a big no-no for me and we always have a stash of carrier bags tucked away just in case in our car.

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    • I can understand her frustration, because I think it’s just as bad for me being cooped up. It drives me crazy! Good idea about the carrier bags although our kids don’t tend to be sick in the car – the last time was five years ago – and that was a hire car!

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