The Santa Train tradition

The Santa Train is our oldest Christmas tradition. We started going on the steam train to see Father Christmas when my eldest was 18 months and it’s a tradition which is still going strong 12 years later.

We go on Christmas Eve, just after lunch. It’s the real start of Christmas for us. After the train, some of us go to the carol service in the church, followed by a Christmas Eve tea at our house with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and niece.

The train trundles through the countryside for 20 minutes, then everyone gets off onto a platform which is straight out of the 1940s and decorated like something from Narnia, to go and see Father Christmas. After visiting the Big Man, it’s back on the train with your present to head back.

It doesn’t have quite the magic it had back when our kids were tiny, but somehow it’s a tradition we can’t give up. We planned to give up once my eldest left primary school, but that didn’t seem fair on the younger kids, so we decided they could all go until the end of primary school. The plan for that first year was for me to take the younger two with my mum and dad and for my eldest to stay at home with my husband. In the end, my younger son was too ill with flu to go anyway, so my eldest got to go in his place after all.

This year, we’ve broken the ‘secondary school rule’ because we’re all so desperate to see how my lovely niece, who is very nearly 2, will react when she sees Father Christmas. Neither my husband nor my eldest can bear to miss out on that special moment, so today we will once more be back on the Santa Train. With another niece or nephew on the way, we could be going on the Santa Train right until my kids are all grown up!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh my gosh that’s so lovely and I’m picturing you all just looking at your nieces reaction to Santa. I bet it’s going to be priceless 🙂 hope it’s a lovely day today. x

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    • Thank you! It’s going to be brilliant. She went last year, but didn’t react much. This year will be different! x

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  2. It’s wonderful making family traditions. I can’t imagine giving up any of mine even as the children grow up and leave home – no matter how much eye rolling they do. Hope you’ve had a wonderful day x

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    • Ha ha, too right! Thanks very much, we certainly have! Hope you all had a good day too. x

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