Dancer of the term (no more tears)

At the end of every term, our dance school awards trophies to each class for dancer of the term and most improved dancer. Getting a trophy is a proud moment for a dancer and their parents.

My daughter is, and always has been, the best dancer in her class. That’s not just me saying that. That’s the view of the teachers and of anyone who ever watches their class in action. The only time she wasn’t the best was when she was in year 1 and it was a year 1 and 2 class.

My daughter is always there, right in the front and the middle of every dance (that’s where they put the best dancers). You just can’t take your eyes off her. She dances with more skill, energy and enthusiasm than anyone. She is amazing. All of the other kids will be watching her because they don’t have her incredible ability for learning dances and they know she is the one person who will never go wrong, so they copy her. (On the rare occasions she does go wrong, the whole class goes wrong!)

So when it come to dancer of the term, she IS dancer of the term. Every term. It’s not just her skill, it’s her hard work and determination, it’s the fact that she never misses a lesson. But our dance school doesn’t work like that, and rightly so. Dancer of the term is awarded for lots of reasons and it’s not just awarded to the best dancer every term, because that wouldn’t be fair on the others.

But you see my problem.

She’s getting more grown up now, but she still finds it hard not to win. She knows she deserves to win.

Every term we have to have The Talk. The one where I remind her that someone else might win it, that teachers choose people for lots of different reasons, that it’s fair for someone else to win it… She knows all of this and she understands it all. But she still finds it hard. She still fights back tears when she doesn’t win. I usually have to remove her from the room as quickly as possible, with her hands covering her face, when someone else wins the trophy.

‘Dancer of the term goes to someone who always gives 110%… ‘

It’s my daughter, it’s my daughter!

It wasn’t my daughter. It was someone else who gives 110%. And I looked at my daughter, and she looked fine. She wasn’t crying, she didn’t even look like she might cry.

She’s been dancer of the term lots of times before and I’ve always been very proud, but seeing her not cry when someone else got it, that made me REALLY proud.

When I congratulated my daughter on not crying, she pointed out to me that she never wins it at Christmas, she always wins it at Easter. So she didn’t expect to win. Easter, however, will be a whole different matter…

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Hello there, I love reading your blog and loved this post. I really admire the fact you always seem to know the right thing to say! You must be so proud of her for doing so well and for being so grown up x #ssamazingachievements

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    • Thanks very much, what a lovely thing to say, I really appreciate that! I was a bit worried about writing this post as I didn’t want her to come across as a brat because she really isn’t, so it’s nice to have such positive feedback. x

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  2. Ah what a proud moment for you to see her cope so well with not winning the trophy (although her explanation made me chuckle too). Sounds like you have a very talented daughter too 🙂 #loudnproud

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    • Thanks very much 🙂 She really is talented, bless her! I just hope for my sake that her explanation is right! (Fingers crossed!)

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  3. Well done to your little girl for not crying and for you too, for preparing her and always giving the “talk” that sometimes is hard to do too 🙂 #loudnproud.

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    • Thanks very much! I’ve learned the hard way how important ‘the talk’ is!

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  4. Well done her, that’s a good life lesson to learn. Well done on you for showing her the way x

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    • Thanks very much. I’m relieved that she’s finally learned the lesson. x

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  5. Oh bless her! That is a big moment, especially as it must seem so unfair not to win when you deserve it. I understand and agree with their way of doing it though x x x

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    • Thanks very much! I agree with it too – it would be very unfair on the others for her to win it every time. x

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  6. Love her logic, roll on Easter lol. Your little girl sounds like an amazing dancer. I wonder if she will turn professional and make a living from it. I must admit I love watching Dance Mom’s and I have already found out where baby ballet classes are held for Little E ;0)

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  7. Well done to you both, she sounds so talented and mature in how she dealt with the news.
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

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