Project 365: Week 46

Normal service is resumed this week – no shoes, I promise (well, not quite)!

I really can’t believe how close to the end of the year we are now. I would be in total denial if it wasn’t for counting the weeks every week on this project! (OK, I actually am still in denial.)

So here’s our week in pictures…

Day 313 – Sunday 9th November – my eldest decided to skip rugby in favour of going to the Remembrance service at the church. It was certainly a beautiful morning for it. He got to lay one of these little crosses on the war memorial on behalf of Scouts.

Poppies, Rememembrance day, church, son, 365

Day 314 – Monday 10th November – home improvement works are still going on here, slowly but surely. I forgot to share a photo of our brand new door when we had it done a couple of weeks ago. It has to be seen as a ‘before and after’ to be fully appreciated!

PicMonkey doorCollage, new house, front door, home improvements, 365

Day 315 – Tuesday 11th November – we’re still painting over all the horrible brown wood inside our house. When we moved a shelf to get at more brown wood, I suddenly noticed the Natwest piggies who had been hiding for months!

Natwest, piggies, 365

Day 316 – Wednesday 12th November – I went to see the Levellers in Bristol! Dreadful picture, I know – my iPhone isn’t good at indoor photos in the dark!

Levellers, Bristol, 365

Day 317 – Thursday 13th November – I did a little bit of Christmas shopping and just ended up hot and stressed!

Christmas, wrapping paper, 365

Day 318 – Friday 14th November – Children in Need day. The younger two went to school dressed in onesies – and they decided to do a sponsored silence for the day!

Daughter, Sponsored silence, Children in Need, 365

Day 319 – Saturday 15th November – my daughter had her grade 1 ballet exam. We’ll find out how she got on in a few weeks, but I’m sure she will have done well.

Ballet, Daughter, Exam, 365

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  1. Nice shoes! I can never get good gig pictures either – hope you enjoyed, I was desperate to see James this week but missed out on that one 🙁 I’m burying my head in the sand over Christmas but I do like the rolls of paper!

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    • The gig was fab, even though the pic doesn’t really do it justice! Burying your head in the sand over Christmas is a good idea! 🙂

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  2. Love the Pudsey sign, did they do well? Those Natwest pigs are a blast from the past, I remember how much we all wanted them! #365

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    • They didn’t make as much money as they would have liked, but they did brilliantly with their sponsored silence!
      My brother, sister and me all had a complete set of piggies – they were a great incentive to save!

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  3. Love your new front door, we need a new one too… well down the list though! I can’t face thinking about Christmas yet! Gig photos are all about the atmosphere 🙂

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    • I love to hear that people can’t think about Christmas yet! 🙂 We’ve still got a long list of things to do on the house, but the new front door seemed like a quick win. We’re very pleased with it!

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  4. Your door is so gorgeous and about a million times nicer than the old one 🙂 Good luck to the ballerina, I’m sure she’ll do brilliantly!

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    • Thanks very much, I’m sure she did very well – she certainly did well in practise! You’re so right about the new front door, we’re really pleased with it.

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  5. Those Natwest piggies are a blast from the past! Love the new front door – quite an improvement! Hope your daughter enjoyed the ballet exam 🙂

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    • Thanks very much, we’re really pleased with the door! My daughter did enjoy the exam – we’ll find out how she did in a few weeks.

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    • Thanks very much 🙂 I love her feet too, they’re awesome!

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  6. Wow Sarah that new door is beautiful! i am also loving your NatWest piggy banks!! i only ever had one of them

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    • Thanks very much, we’re very pleased with the door! My brother, sister and me all had the complete set of piggies.

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    • Thanks very much. I’m sure the exam went well. We’ll get the exam results in a few weeks 🙂

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  7. I remember collecting those nattiest piggies – I was surprised Isaac wasn’t invited to do a remembrance parade as he is in the beavers but the didn’t do anything this year. Love your front door

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  8. The front door looks a lot better. Hope the ballet exam results are good.

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