A change of plan

Sunday mornings are straightforward. In theory. We go to rugby. If you say it like that, it sounds so simple. Rugby is 10-12 in the morning. Both boys go, we leave the house at 9.50 and we’re home by 12.10. Sorted.

If only it were that simple.

The season is pretty much half training and half matches. Half of the matches will be at home and half will be away (away games are quite often an hour away). In the past, the boys’ rugby was always in the same place (unless one of them had a cup match), but since last season, it has all changed. My eldest is now a ‘junior’, while my younger son is still a ‘mini’, which means their matches are usually in different places. It’s so bad that my husband had to keep taxing his ‘half car’ through the winter (Caterham – tiny, two seater, roofless sports car) so that we could actually get both boys to the right place at the right time.

Generally, I drive to whatever is at home – whether it’s a home game or training – and my husband does the away games. As I can’t drive the tiny car, I have to have my daughter with me.

This is how our decision making went last Sunday:

Plan A – husband to drive younger son to away game in tiny car, me to take eldest to training with daughter.

Plan B – eldest wants to go to Remembrance service at church instead of rugby, daughter to stay at home/ go to service.

Plan C – daughter wants to go to away game with husband and younger son.

Plan D – eldest announces he wants to go for a run to the car boot sale. Husband says no. Says I should walk with him to the car boot sale.

Plan E – realise we don’t have time to walk to the car boot sale before the service, decide to cycle there.

Plan F – daughter decides to go swimming with small cousin instead of rugby.

We went through all of these decisions between 8 and 9am, when my son needed to set off for his away game.

With three kids, two rugby teams and one and a half cars, Sunday mornings are anything but straightforward.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh my goodness Sarah, this is going to be my life in a few years isn’t it! I’m already getting resistance from the eldest about not wanting to go to the farmers market on a Sunday but fortunately she’s still just about young enough to say tough we have to go. It’s so much easier when they’re little and you can make decisions for them 😉

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    • I’m afraid so – this is the future! Life is definitely easier when you can make the decisions and everyone goes to the same place!

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  2. Arrrgh that definitely doesn’t sound a very relaxing Sunday morning. My hubby would fit in quite nicely. He’s always changing his mind, even as we’re walking out the door! 🙂

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    • Ha ha, I don’t envy you having a hubby like that! I don’t know the meaning of a relaxing Sunday, unfortunately. Monday morning is a rest for me! 😉

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  3. Suddenly I am very glad we only have one child and will be sticking to that, I am not sure I could cope with the stress! 😉 xx

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    • Ha ha, there are advantages of three kids, but logistics isn’t one of them!

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  4. We have morning like this, sometimes I so exhausted by the decision making that I give up on going anywhere at all!

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    • That’s a sensible outcome! My family is way too committed to the sport to give up on going anywhere!

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  5. Oh my word, that sounds like quite a decision making process! Glad you got there in the end but stressful having to go from plan A to plan F x

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    • It certainly is! I think in the end we actually made quite a good decision as it turned out to be a pretty peaceful morning! x

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  6. We are just beginning this sequence, only with 2 children, and already it’s getting complicated! No wonder parents need to retire once their kids leave home!

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    • Ha ha, it just seems to get more and more complicated! Retirement does sound rather pleasant! 😉

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  7. Ha ha, this is our Sunday morning! Whatever plan is followed, I still have to get all the kit, snacks, nappies (for the little brother cheerleader) sorted and it drives me nuts! The deal was that my husband would take them all off, but as you say, now the oldest has matches, that doesn’t fly. I feel your pain, my friend! x

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    • It’s a pain, isn’t it? Even at 8, my daughter has to have drinks and snacks and a chair or she wouldn’t cope with the boredom! x

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