The big ones and the little ones (starting Christmas early)

I’m not a fan of talking about Christmas too early (I know, what a hypocrite because I’m doing it right now). I don’t want to see photos of your perfectly wrapped presents in September, I don’t want to see tinsel and Christmas cards in the shops in August and I don’t want some annoying Santa popping up on my Twitter or Facebook telling me to get excited because it’s ‘only’ 97 days until Christmas. Which is more than a quarter of a year. It’s barely even autumn. When someone tells me it’s only 10 weeks to Christmas I don’t panic about my shopping because I did the maths. Ten weeks until Christmas was 10 weeks since I went on holiday. And that felt like a really flipping long time ago. Therefore it is a long time until Christmas.

But I’m realistic. We have to plan, we have to budget. It’s OK to buy presents early, but let’s not make a big deal out of it. BECAUSE IT ISN’T CHRISTMAS YET. It’s still ages away.

My nearly 2 year old niece was born two days after Christmas. My nearly 2 year old nephew was born a month before. So when it comes to the smallest members of our family, we need to buy an awful lot of presents at the same time of year. So I have to keep me eye out for suitable things quite early. I saw the perfect skirt for my niece in M&S. But I was sensible. I thought I’d wait until my mum gave me one of those 20% off vouchers she seems to give me every couple of months. Just days later, she gave me one. Perfect! I could get something for my nephew too.

And then we got gold dust. GOLD DUST. A 30% off at Superdry voucher.

I really needed some jeans (I must stop wearing those ones with the holes in). But we could get so much more. We could get part of my eldest’s Christmas present. And maybe part of our own too.

When we got into Superdry we remembered our 13 year old nephew. And my husband’s 15 year old god-daughter (FIFTEEN! How is she 15?!) and her 12 year old brother. So we picked up stuff for them too. Plus a jumper for my husband and some joggers for me for Christmas. We have never bought so much Superdry in one go and we probably never will again. We had Christmas sorted for three kids already, and started for ourselves and my eldest. That’s what I call a successful shopping trip.

Then it was over to M&S for that skirt for my niece. I also got her a top, plus a shirt and a rugby shirt for my nephew.

A bag full of Superdry and a bag full of M&S. It seemed strange the contrast between the big ones and the little ones – between the adult clothes for the teenagers and the cute little clothes with animals on for the toddlers. Why do we only have big kids or tiny kids in our family?

PicMonkey christmasshoppingCollage, Superdry, M&S, Christmas shopping

The only ones we haven’t started on are the two in-between ones – my younger son and my daughter.

I must say, I’m feeling quite proud of our forward planning and thrifty ways.

But I won’t be wrapping the presents up just yet and sharing pictures on social media. Nor will I be sharing Santa pictures telling us it’s 50-something days to Christmas. Because I’m still an old Scrooge at heart.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Ha I think November is ok to start talking about Christmas and present shopping. Those that have it done by September are freakily super organised aren’t they?? I have an anniversary in November and Zs birthday in December and I’ve started shopping for neither. Eek!

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    • Eek! I always forget my sister’s birthday at the end of November because I’m thinking about Christmas. Once my son’s birthday is over in October I make way in my brain for Christmas! I can’t cope with people getting ready in September, although each to their own!

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  2. I agree with you, it’s so hard to know when a good time is to ‘start the shopping’ but I don’t blame you for taking advantage of those offers. I find getting all the little extra stocking fillers the hardest – and it’s true , the older they get the smaller the pressies (or more expensive) but at least it’s just one or two things rather than a load of bits and pieces.

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    • I never know when the right time is, but there’s usually something that just triggers it – and this time it was vouchers! Big kids are definitely hard to buy for, so it’s good to get some of them ticked off the list early!

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