Project 365: Week 41

This week has been all about work, rain and the garden! I found some surprisingly beautiful flowers in the garden in the brief breaks between the showers – and my work just keeps on getting better.

Day 278 – Sunday 5th October – my husband and kids want to see Man Utd, leaving me at home to do the garden and worry about my blog.

Garden, grass, lawn mower, 365

Day 279 – Monday 6th October – an incredibly windy and rainy day. I genuinely don’t think we have ever walked to school in such bad weather. The road had turned into a river (this photo really doesn’t do it justice at all.)

Rain, weather, autumn, 365

Day 280 – Tuesday 7th October – I first posted of these flowers on my blog back in May – I can’t believe they’re still going strong!

Flower, garden, autumn, 365

Day 281 – Wednesday 8th October – a little glimpse into the life of someone who works at home – lunch in the middle of the garden (more on that in the blog in the next few days!).

Lunch, chair, autumn

Day 282 – Thursday 9th October – my daughter did a cross country race for the school. As you can see, it was a lovely day! 🙁

Cross country, rain, umbrellas, 365

Day 283 – Friday 10th October – I had some amazing news which doesn’t lend itself to a photo. Work is still going well and this box of kids’ books is going to help me earn a good proportion of my ‘salary’ for the next three months.

books, work, 365

Day 284 – Saturday 11th October – I spent much of the day at various events at the Cheltenham Literature Festival with my kids. This is my daughter learning to draw Tom Gates with Liz Pichon.

Tom Gates, literature festival, daughter, 365


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  1. You have had a mixed week of weather! That box of books does look like an interesting job 🙂 Looking forward to finding out why you were having lunch in the middle of the garden!

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    • The weather has been pretty awful! I think I’m turning slightly bonkers and that’s why I’m eating in the middle of the garden!

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  2. We have had similar weather – heavy rain followed by bright sun?! Lunch in the garden sounds rather lovely! #365

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    • Yep, that’s the weather! It’s been pretty dramatic all week. I love eating in the garden.

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  3. Yep, pretty much the same weather here too! Mad! More like April weather! The flowers do look lovely as you say x #365

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    • The weather has been a real mixed bag this week!

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  4. A very wet week! Looks like you’ve had some interesting work direction though.

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    • Thanks! Work is definitely going well.

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  5. boooooo to the wet weather 🙁 how very dare it rain!!!
    the colours in the flower are just stunning and I am amazed that it sis till in flower even now! i think its lovekly to eat al fresco x

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  6. We had the whole sun and rain thing going on. Got soaked several times on the school run. Our road is a hill and it often looks like a river in heavy rain and there seem to be very few storm drains to take the water away. Love the eating lunch in the garden picture – you have to get the benefit of working from home.

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  7. The books thing sounds interesting and intriguing. And best news ever about your boy. 🙂 the weather really does sound like it’s going to be pants from now on though doesn’t it?

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  8. WE had that rain too and I tried to take a picture but did it no justuce at all. The road turned into a river almost instantly and I was so wet when I got to school I could barely walk!

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  9. The weather seems to turn like that every time I leave the house at the moment, goes from bright sunshine to pouring rain in minutes! I like the Tom Gates style drawing!

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  10. That’s perfect cross country weather! Love the sound of working from home – now, what could I do?! 🙂

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  11. Love that your business is going so well and I really like the idea of reading kids books for a living! Looking forward to your post about the exciting news 😉

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    • Thanks very much 🙂

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  12. i remember that original flower! i am glad its still going strong! .. i love the fact you got a lunch outside .. i am missing it x

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    • Thanks very much. I must say I don’t think I’ve managed lunch outside since I took that picture! We’ve had two weeks of near-continual rain now.

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  13. Great to hear work is going well. Can’t believe you had nice weather at the beginning of the week…it’s been raining everyday here

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