Project 365: Week 23

Back to school and back to normal this week after the ups and downs of half-term. It was nice to have more variety in my photos last week.

Here’s what we’ve been up to this week…

Day 152 – Sunday 1st June – after the excitement of the Wychwood Festival, we settled for a quiet day and our first barbecue this year. Our house has a built-in barbecue in the garden, which we were testing out.

Barbecue, garden, 365

Day 153 – Monday 2nd June – I interrupted a day of writing speculative emails to go and buy some cards – June is a busy month with lots of birthdays, plus anniversaries and Father’s Day.

Cards, birthday, 365

Day 154 – Tuesday  3rd June – one of those days when not a lot happened, but at least my garden keeps surprising me with new mystery flowers!

Flower, garden, 365

Day 155 – Wednesday 4th June – it did nothing but rain all day. I’m not generally a fan of selfies, but I took this one when I was walking back from dropping the kids at school and I quite liked it.

Selfie, rain, 365

Day 156 – Thursday 5th June – the sun was back out and I went into the garden to take yet more flower photos (I’ll share more in a separate post next week!).


rose, garden, how does your garden grow

Day 157 – Friday 6th June – my boys went on Scout camp together for the first time.

Sons, Boys, Scouts, 365

Day 158 – Saturday 7th June – with the boys away, we took advantage and did some reorganising of their bedrooms. Of course, they should really do it themselves, but the rooms had got into a bad way (his windowsill is still cluttered though!). After five months in the house, my younger son finally got a blind in his room.

Blind, window, bedroom, son, new house, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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    • Thanks very much 🙂

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  1. Nice to see you in front of the camera! I like the yellow hoodie 🙂 Lovely flowers and your boys’ bags are huuuuge!

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    • Thanks very much 🙂 It’s not often I make it in front of the camera! Who would have thought two bags of that size could get filled just for a weekend?

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  2. Hehe Sarah you’re getting that flower bug aren’t you! I can’t help myself. Must have been great to have a BBQ and try it out for the first time in your new garden. Well done on the selfie, especially on such a soggy day. Hope the boys have a great time at scout camp.

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    • I certainly am getting the flower bug! My garden is full of them and it’s always changing. Now I’m at home all the time, I like to wander round the garden and really look at the flowers. The boys had a really good time, thanks.

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  3. Love the flower pics

    Hope the boys enjoyed scout camp too

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  4. loving your BBQ .. i would love an inbuilt one! …… i have the same mystery flowers too! x

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  5. Hope the scout camp went well – I know you were worried about the weather. Love your mystery flower (hardy geranium).

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    • Thanks, I’d never heard of a hardy geranium! (Only a normal one.) They had a few hours of rain, but that was all. They really enjoyed it.

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  6. wow those are big and very full back packs – i hope the weather is kind to them on their trip
    the BBQ seemes to have been working fine then ?
    and thank you for the Fathers Day reminder – off to Moonpig in a moment! x

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    • The weather wasn’t too bad for them, just one rainy morning! Thanks. x

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  7. That bedroom with all the rubbish on the window sill looks a little like my eldest daughter’s! I do hope they had a fab time away on Cub Camp and their clothes don’t come back too damp and smelly after yesterday….

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    • They created a load of washing each – even the clean clothes needed to go in! But they had a good time.

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  8. We need to have our first BBQ this year, I love them! I hope the boys had a nice time and the sun was shining for them 🙂 x

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  9. Love your week in photos!! …Especially the sausages!! One of the things I most regularly miss from UK!
    …And wow, those are some serious rucksacks!

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    • Thanks very much. I’m told the sausages were very nice (I wouldn’t know, I’m vegetarian!).

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  10. Oh that first photo so made me miss good English sausages – they don’t have the same type in the US! Beautiful flower pix

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    • Thanks very much. I didn’t realise they didn’t have the same sausages in the US!

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  11. I like your glasses! Scout camps are so brilliant for outdoorsy types my son is at school activity week this week too.

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  12. That selfie makes me smile, you have such a serious face. Tell me about the boys and bedroom thing; my two make such a horrendous mess and NEVER clear it up themselves either. Gorgeous flowers and how lucky are you to have a built in barbecue!

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