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Every year, our school holds a talent show (which, sadly, the parents don’t get to see). Each house holds heats and anyone can enter. Kids tell jokes, they sing, they dance, they do tricks with footballs. Anything goes. The kids in each house choose their representatives for the finals – one in reception/ year 1, one in year 2/3, one in year 4/5 and one in year 6. Then the 16 finalists all battle it out in front of the school and a judging panel – usually the head, the chair of governors and a local radio presenter – to choose the winning house. Not the winning child, because the school is competitive, but not THAT competitive.

My daughter represented her house in the finals last year – doing a street dance (with a bit of charleston thrown in) to Fat Sam’s Grandslam. So many people told me how awesome she was, and I totally believe them. Her house won the competition, so you know she played a part in it.

This year she wasn’t allowed to dance. Someone on Twitter jokingly asked me: Is it because her awesomeness will make everyone look shit? Yeah, pretty much. The rule doesn’t JUST apply to my daughter, awesome as she is. Basically, anyone who was in the finals last year isn’t allowed to do the same thing this year, so that others get a chance to take part. Because, to be honest, my daughter WOULD blow everyone out of the water every single year and it would be slightly unfair for her to represent her house from year 2 right through to year 6.

So she decided to sing.

She decided to sing with a new friend of hers, who is apparently a very good singer. And they decided to sing Roar, which is probably my daughter’s favourite song.

Now I love to hear my daughter sing. She sings with such confidence, but also innocence. She’s not a brilliant singer, far from it, but she sounds lovely to me and her Daddy. (She believes she is a brilliant singer and I hope she doesn’t go through life believing this to the point she goes on the XFactor and embarrasses herself. I am not one to dent children’s confidence, but nor do I want her to believe she’s brilliant forever.)

I wondered if she might put a few small dance moves with her song. So she practiced with her friend at school and came home to show me. There was a move for every line and they all looked very good.

She was up against a girl from her class who is a good singer and was singing Let It Go. Surely everyone would vote for that? There were also a couple of kids (who don’t do dance lessons) dancing. I didn’t think she’d get through. To be honest, I would have been happy for her not to get through – to give others a chance, because she will be dancing again next year and will smash it.

She took a party dress and sandals to school so she looked her best for her audition. I waited for her to come out of school to hear the verdict.

She only went and won it.

How? How did she do that? The girl who can’t sing that well.

I’m guessing, as with everything in her life, the hard work and determination paid off. Most of the other kids hadn’t practiced (and the girl planning to sing Let It Go had decided to sing a different son at the last minute). I’m sure the dance moves would have made a difference too.

She’s through to the finals again, fair and square. She’s showing off a different talent, so she she has every right to be there. I’m so proud of her. More proud than I would be if it was for dancing, because we all know how good she is at dancing.

I think there’s nothing else my daughter can do to amaze me, yet still she does.


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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. That is amazing! What a great job. I love the fact that she is so determined and so thorough – she really does seem to put her heart and soul into everything she does. What a wonderful girl!

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    • Thanks very much. She certainly is! She never ceases to amaze me with her determination.

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  2. Wow! What a trooper, and how brave, to go and do something completely different! I think you have every right to be proud of her… Even if she hadn’t got to the finals! #loudandproud

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    • Thanks very much, Claire. You’re right, I would have been proud if she hadn’t made it to the finals.

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  3. Aww, that’s lovely. It’s great to see kids working towards a goal and then achieving it. That’s why I’m all for (an appropriate level of) competition in schools – it encourages our children to stretch beyond their limits (or, perhaps more importantly, their parent’s perceived limits of them) and set achievable goals. Just as importantly, it teaches our kids to cope with the inevitable disappointments that come in life. I had a great athletics coach in school who always used to tell me, “Competition teaches us how to win, but it also teaches us how to lose with good grace.” Those words have always stuck with me.

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    • Very wise words! My kids do struggle a little bit with losing unfortunately. As you say, I think a little bit of competition is good.

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  4. That’s fantastic, well done her! What an amazing, determined & confident young lady you are raising, so well done you, too!

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    • Thanks very much! I feel like she’s her own person – I often ask myself where she came from! But I’m certainly very proud to be raising her.

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  5. It’s great that she has the confidence to get up on stage and do that, let alone win. I have three shy ones and I couldn’t imagine any of them performing solo. I can imagine how proud you must have been.

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    • Thanks very much. She really is very confident when she’s on a stage.

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    • Thanks very much 🙂 x

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  6. How awesome! Well done to her; it sounds like the school do the talent shows really fairly, which is so nice! x

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    • I think it’s a pretty fair way of doing things – a little bit of competition, giving everyone a chance and no outright winner 🙂 x

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  7. That’s wonderful Sarah. I love that she wanted to try something different, that she worked with a friend, that she worked hard and that her hard work paid off. In addition to the talent, those are all such important things x #loudnproud

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    • Thanks very much. That’s very true, they are all valuable attributes. I really am very proud of her 🙂 x

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  8. How do you raise confident kids =)

    I am awfully awfully shy as a kid and I am probably the girl who wish to join but cant cuz I dont have enough confidence. I dont want my son to miss on this fun. I mean I am also not going to push him but if he’s got confidence I am sure that he will join in this nice events (sports or performance) w/o me asking him too. =) loudnproud

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