Sport Relief 2014

We’ve done Sport Relief three times before and every time it was unseasonably hot. But you know March. In like a lion, out like a lamb.

This year we had a logistical nightmare. I was running with my daughter, my eldest had an away rugby game and my younger son was training at home. Two adults, three kids in three different places just doesn’t work. So I did something I never do. I dropped my younger son at rugby and drove away. The second I drove away the hail started. My son suffers badly with the cold and had been sent home early from training the previous day because he physically couldn’t cope with the hail. We got to the Sport Relief car park and my daughter was practically crying from worry about her brother. I knew I had to turn round and check on him. He was OK. He’d sheltered in a van during the worst of the hail and the coach reassured me he’d put him in the car to warm him up if he saw him struggling again.

So back to the start line.

My daughter had decided for herself she wanted to run three miles rather than one. How long does it take for an 8 year old girl to run three miles? I had no idea. I thought maybe 45 minutes, which would be a pretty quick walking pace for an adult. My mum suggested it might be an hour. An hour! For three miles?!

We had waterproofs, drinks and warmer clothes than I would usually have for a run as I guessed it might be more like a walk. But Daddy had challenged her to run it all the way – and said he would pay up more sponsor money if she could do 12 minute miles. Twelve minutes! I do nine minutes for a long run, I would do eight minutes for a three mile run. But 12 minute miles seemed ambitious for an 8 year old.

We took off at a run. Within seconds I realised I was running at my pace. I slowed right down. We carried on running slowly. She was doing very well. She was feeling positive and happy. The sun was shining. She ran most of the first lap. She knew there were three laps, but she was thinking one lap at a time.


‘We’re nearly at the end now.’

Yep. A third of the way to the end.

After that she walked more than she ran. She chatted. And she moaned a little bit. Her legs were starting to ache and there was still a long way to go.

I didn’t see any other young children running three miles. People started to lap us. The weather started to turn. It was one of those four seasons in three miles one day kind of days. The waterproofs went back on. The marshals cheered us. She started skipping and galloping a bit as apparently it helped her aching leg.

And the best thing? She hardly ever let go of my hand.

My daughter holds my hand everywhere we go. I don’t make her do it, it’s her choice. And the fact that we’re doing a three mile charity run doesn’t change that.

The final lap was tough for her. There weren’t many people still running apart from those running six miles. They were fast. We went at our own special pace.

We crossed the line in 50 minutes. The mayor gave my daughter a big cheer. I have no doubt that we were the last three milers to finish, but I also have no doubt that she was the youngest person to do three miles.

My slowest three miles ever. But all I could feel was pride and elation. It had been much harder on my daughter I’d expected, but she’d done it!



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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. A cheer for you daughter! Shes wearing glasses too which i think is hard cuz once i tried running with my glasses its a hassle! Double cheers then! Inspiring post. I feel ashamed that I have so many excuses on some of my goals in life and your daughter is so young and so focus & determined.


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  2. How lovely. Well done to your daughter, she did brilliantly. My daughter holds my hand too, pretty much all the time. I love it and never ever tire of it. I doubt she’d run 3 miles though 🙂

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  3. Aw I’ve got tears in my eyes reading this, how wonderful! I love the fact that she held your hand all the way round, what a very special memory 🙂 Well done to both of you x

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  4. Oh very well done to her – she is going to follow in your footsteps I think.

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  5. What a wonderful post Sarah. That’s amazing she chose to run 3 miles for the first time – that must be your influence. How brilliantly she did too. Must have been weird not running at your own pace but you’ve clearly influenced her. Glad your son was alright too. Lovely post, thank you for sharing with #whatsthestory

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  6. awww bless her what an achievement and with such determination too!! your daughter is obviously a strong women like her mum!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

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  7. Huge achievement, really well done! I am so rubbish I bet I couldn’t even do half of what she’d done.

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  8. I just think it’s such a fantastic thing, that she wanted to do the three miles, and that she finished them! Just brilliant, you should be really proud of her x

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  9. Thank you very much, everyone! I was so proud of her. It wasn’t easy for her – which made me all the more proud. I think I thought she would find it easier than she did! It was really lovely that she held my hand too.
    Her eyesight isn’t great, Pixiedusk, so she wears glasses for everything she does. I don’t run in my glasses, but she needs them more than me! Don’t feel ashamed that you have excuses, you are busy raising your son!

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  10. Wow, how is amazing is your little girl! Well done her. Such a fantastic achievement.

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  11. How amazing is your daughter! She should be so so proud of herself, because three miles isn’t easy for an adult in most cases, never mind a child. She’s amazing and I hope she loves her medal too. #magicmoments

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  12. Thanks very much, ladies, she did so well! I hadn’t really considered that three miles was a long way for an adult, Deborah. That’s a very good point!

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  13. Brilliant! Well done to you both, but especially your superstar girl – three miles is impressive! #magicmoments

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  14. What a great thing to be a part of. It must be so special doing it with your children too. #whatsthestory

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  15. Wow – you have some amazing kids there. Well Done on raising money for a fantastic cause xx #magicmoments #whatsthestory

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  16. Yay! She looks very happy and lovely. I like her ambition!

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  17. Aww you daughter did great, well done to her 🙂 Thanks for linking up to the weekend blog hop…

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  18. Thanks very much, everyone! She did so well, I was really proud of her!

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  19. What an amazing achievement for your little lady, I could never do something like that at her age. I don’t think I could do it now! I’m sure you are very proud.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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