Silent Sunday 26.1.14

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Not sure what struck me first – the lovely blue sky or the enormous birds nests!

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  2. Love how blue the sky is with not a single cloud in it!

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  3. Look at that awesome blue sky – just wonderful. Roll on Summer time 🙂

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  4. That’s exactly what I thought, John! That’s why I took the photo! I loved the blue sky and the weird tree together.
    That tree has been clearly visible from all three of the houses we’ve lived in over last two months, so I’m kind of fond of it now.
    The rest of it is our back garden – the white house is someone else’s.
    I just loved the blue sky, so had to take a pic quickly. Needless to say, it didn’t last!

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  5. What a blue sky! Will be interesting for you to watch the tree bloom when spring arrives

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  6. Lovely blue sky and lots and lots of trellis. 😉 x

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  7. Great photo – can I be the first to say I know those are not birds’ nests? They are mistletoe if I am not mistaken. There is loads of it around here in Normandy.

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  8. Thanks, Eco Gites! I thought they were probably mistletoe, but I wasn’t totally sure!
    It is indeed the new garden, Joanna! I just couldn’t resist that blue sky 🙂

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  9. So many thinks to look at. Lovely blue sky. New areas to investigate and a sign of Spring on its way and a good Summer ahead

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