Project 365 Week 4

It’s been another busy week working on our new house and it’s gradually taking shape.

I must say I’m really enjoying taking photos every day (although I used to do it quite a bit anyway) and being part of the 365 community.

So here’s our week this week…

Day 19 – Sunday 19th January – Sundays for me always start at 6am, with an eight mile run and then off to watch one or other my sons play rugby. The sun shone at rugby for the first time since October and my photos of the actual rugby were all dreadful, but I like this one of my daughter and I and some of the parents watching.


Day 20 – Monday 20th January – my daughter woke up at 4am saying she didn’t feel well. She had a temperature, but wasn’t happy when I made her have a day off school. So I gave her some sums at home.


Day 21 – Tuesday 21st January – as part of sorting out the new house, the kids are getting rid of lots of old stuff. I think I always like the Littlest Pet Shops more than my daughter!


Day 22 – Wednesday 22nd January – I work in Gloucester, so often walk through the beautiful Gloucester docks. The buildings are fabulous and so are the reflections.


Day 23 – Thursday 23rd January – you can see why it was important I painted the skirting boards before the new carpets went down!

Day 24 – Friday 24th January – another sneak peek at the decor of our new house – my daughter’s wall.
Day 25 – Saturday  25th January – work on the bathroom continues on weekends only. At the end of day 5, there was a bath in place!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Love the picture on your daughter’s wall. Really cute.

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  2. Loving the photo’s from your house, I like to see progress. Loving the photo in your daughters room!

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  3. You are busy with the house but it will all be worth it. Loved the first picture most of all this week

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  4. I wish I could squeeze in an eight mile run first thing on a Sunday morning! 🙂 The house is looking good!

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  5. Wow looks like you’re really busy at your house, good luck with the decorating.

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  6. Hooray for the bath and skirting boards- it all looks like its coming together nicely. Won’t be long before it all feels like home now

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  7. loving the colour of your daughter wall honey! im decorating again never week .. i don’t envy you with a whole house to do!

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  8. Loving the pictures, glad the house is now taking shape at last, hope your feeling a lot better now, I’m very behind on reading blogs xxx

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  9. Gosh you’re really cracking on with your house – well done! I love the colour of your daughter’s wall 🙂

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  10. Lovely to see progress in the house 🙂 I love the shadows in the first photo, and the reflections at Gloucester docks are lovely.

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  11. the photo of the reflections is wonderful at first glance I thought it was a short video, I saw the movement of the water slightly x

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  12. Thanks very much, everyone. The house is progressing pretty quickly! It’s tiring, but great to see it taking shape.
    It’s nice the way everyone likes different photos. Like that you could see movement in the reflection, Cakesphotoslife. It really is a beautiful place to take photos – it seems to look different every day!
    I love my Sunday runs, Kriss! They keep me fit AND sane – very important I think!

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  13. Sounds like you’re getting there with the house. Can’t wait to see it finished.

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  14. Glad you’re making progress with the house.Like the rugby pic with the shadows – so not missing taking H to rugby.

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  15. So much action at the house Sarah, seems to be coming along leaps and bounds! Do love that moss colour of your daughter’s wall 🙂

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  16. Love your daughters pic…….I so want to move but seeing all the work you are doing has put me off somewhat……good luck xx

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  17. You are doing really well with the house and I love the colours you are choosing; really lovely. We haven’t experienced the LittlestPet Shop yet, but I’m sure we have that joy to come.

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  18. Thanks very much, everyone. The house is coming on brilliantly! We’ll have to stop soon because all that will be left will be the kitchen and the other bathrooms, which will all have to wait.
    Sorry if I’m putting you off moving, Kara! We are working more quickly than normal I think.
    Glad you like the colours, Nikki. At least Littlest Pet Shop are small when they come into your life!

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