The Gallery: Through the eyes of my phone

I love taking photos with my ‘real’ camera – it’s what I use to capture beautiful photos of my kids either at home or on days out. But you can’t have your real camera with you all the time – it’s just too heavy and bulky.

Lately I’ve been taking more and more photos with my iPhone. It’s a good back-up when I don’t have my DSLR with me and sometimes, if the light is right, there’s no discernible difference in quality.

But mainly I use my phone and my camera in different ways. They camera is for photos I want to keep – the phone is for quirky or beautiful things I notice as I go about my day to day life. I don’t take many photos of the kids on my phone. The phone is for photos that are nice for now, but I will usually delete pretty soon afterwards.

So what have I seen through the eyes of my phone?

This is what I’ve captured over the last week…


Gloucester docks on a grey day

Gloucester cathedral through the mist

A beautiful sunset over my neighbour’s house


The last few red apples on the tree in our garden


Delicious mixed vegetarian starter on a night out with my colleagues to celebrate my 40th


Autumn wildflowers photographed on a bike ride


More autumn undergrowth from my bike ride

A lovely blue sky for the boys’ rugby



Cheltenham Promenade

Which I then thought would look more effective in black and white…


This post was written in response to a prompt on The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers. Pop over to see how others have interpreted the theme – ‘Through the eyes of my phone’.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. That starter looks so nice and the sunset is completely stunning!

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  2. I came over all nostalgic when I saw Gloucester cathedral. Lots of childhood memories…
    Lovely photographs!

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  3. Great pics – just goes to show that in most instances the camera is less important than the eye of the person using it. I’m similar to you – my DSLR is used comparatively rarely, although I do use my phone to take photos of the kids a lot, as I like to take ‘candid’ shots.

    In fact, this summer I challenged myself to create a record of our family trip to Tuscany using only my iPhone. (Having been before, I’ve already captured most of the tourist sights.) I was quite pleased with the results …

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  4. Phone cameras have revolutionised photography as a hobby, revitalised it I think. It makes many of us want to be better photographers, that’s a good thing.

    And I agree, B&W Cheltenham is lovely x.

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  5. What stunning photos taken with your phone. I love the one with the sky in the background and the lovely red apples 🙂

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  6. Yep, iphones are just perfect for taking improptu photos that you need to snap there and then. What a varied week you’ve had!

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  7. Lovely pictures Sarah, the one of Cheltenham is so crisp. And the sun set is stunning xx

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  8. Thanks very much, everyone. It’s amazing what you can capture with your phone. I don’t think I’d quite be brave enough to ditch my real camera altogether though, slouchingtowardsthatcham. You’re right, Lesley, iPhones and the like have definitely revolutionised photography.

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