Skribbies – draw, wipe, draw!

My daughter likes nothing better than dancing and drawing and she’s pretty good at both. So when we heard that Skribbies, a new range of hi-top trainers, had been launched and YOU CAN DRAW ON THEM, it was like the best thing ever for her. (If you’re wondering what hi-top trainers have to do with dancing it’s because she is first and foremost a street dancer, and all the coolest street dancers wear hi-tops.)

So you can imagine how delighted she was to be sent a pair to put through their paces.


The first thing to say about Skribbies is they look cool. Not in a kiddie cool way, but properly cool. If they came in my size, I’d wear them to dance too. (Yeah, I know I’m pushing 40, but I still like to look cool and fit in at my dance class.)

They are easy to put on, with no laces to tie, just some elastic where the laces should be and a velcro strap at the top.

They come packaged very nicely in a brightly coloured box along with a set of pens and a sweatband. Why a sweatband? That’s what you wipe off with, of course! How clever that even the wiping cloth looks cool.

My daughter set to work on decorating them straight away, assisted by my younger son. He was enjoying it as much as she was. His face lit up as he told me how much fun they were having.


I was surprised that my daughter didn’t want to cover them in drawings. She was very restrained and careful (I wasn’t surprised at that) and started off small. Being so meticulous, the trainers weren’t going to be different, so the design of the left perfectly matched the design of the right. She wrote the name of her dance school in colour on the back and her brother drew a little smiley face on the side of them. And when she made a mistake, she just wiped it off with her little sweatband wiping thing.

Skribbies really are a great idea. The only slight downside, for my daughter at least, is that you can’t preserve your artwork. They really are draw, wipe, draw – and they wipe almost without you trying. My daughter is a bit of a perfectionist, who would like to get her drawing just right, but once she’s got it right, she’d rather not lose it. But that really is my only criticism.

My daughter goes back to dance class after summer next week. And she can’t wait to wear her Skribbies and show off.

Skribbies come in a range of colours to suit both boys and girls. My daughter tried the pink/ red pair. There is also a neon yellow/ black design and a blue/ navy version. Skribbies come in children’s sizes 10-3 and cost £35.95.


You can find out more about Skribbies on their website or check them out on Facebook at and follow them on Twitter at

We were sent a pair of Skribbies to test for the purposes of this review. All opinions are our own.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Its brilliant how you can wipe them off and they look so clean still. My OCD hubby would be twitching looking at these though!! 🙂

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  2. They look amazing I may have to add those to the already gigantic Christmas present list for A

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  3. They are such a good idea. I can see why they’d be disappointed with the design coming off though – how long did it last for if not wiped?

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  4. My niece would love these – particularly the pink! Cheers

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  5. Thanks very much, everyone. They’re fab, aren’t they?
    The stuff wipes off VERY quickly, Pink Oddy. Basically as soon as the trainers get touched. That is the only thing which disappointed me about them.

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