What they wore: Next slogans

Regular readers will know I love Next clothes for the kids. They are trendy and practical, they wash well and they look good. At the moment for my kids it’s all about the Next slogans.

I spotted the Are you having a giraffe? Tshirt complete with cute giraffe carrying a camera way back when the spring and summer Next Directory came out, but we didn’t get round to buying it. I got it for my daughter in the summer sale and she’s hardly taken it off since!

As well as the cute picture and slogan, it is a nice feminine shape with a bit of a girly trim round the edges. As the weather has been so hot, she’s been wearing it with her various pairs of Next shorts and it’s been perfect for her daily ride on her scooter – and her chilling in front of the telly.

For boys, in the current autumn/ winter range there are LOADS of slogans. My younger son got an Angry Birds onesie for Easter this year, which he absolutely loves. It’s a struggle to prise it off him to put it in the wash. Daddy calls him Dude, so he really had to have this onesie.

This onesie has been just as big a hit as his Angry Birds one. It’s got a hood and is really warm. Unfortunately, he loves it so much he even slept in it during some of the ridiculously hot weather we’ve had! Of course it’s very comfy and he likes the fact it says Dude on it. There are also Tshirts which say Dude, but he didn’t want one of them.

A couple of weeks later, I saw this green #Genius jumper. Although we are all dedicated hoodie wearers in our house, I’m quite liking the current trend for jumpers without hoods. Anyone who’s read my blog before will know that my son is highly intelligent, so we couldn’t resist this either. Unfortunately it’s another thing he loved so much he refused to take it off during the heatwave!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I went off Next a bit for a few seasons but think I’m starting to really like their stuff again. Love the Genius Tshirt!

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  2. I love next stuff too – not been in for a while so will have to drop by again. LOVE the giraffe t-shirt 🙂

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  3. Thanks very much, ladies. It’s definitely my favourite place for kids’ clothes! There’s not many places do boys’ clothes as well as they do girls’ clothes.

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  4. ive seen that DUDE t shirt but my Son will have nothing to do with anything that isnt Mario or a recent branch out into the Beatles and Coldplay T shirts they have in NEXT. 🙂

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  5. Thanks very much, ladies 🙂
    My son used to be obsessed with Mario Tshirts too, Sarah. He still likes Angry Birds ones. The Beatles and Coldplay sound cool.

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  6. I love that giraffe top! The shorts are really cute as well. I must admit, I often forget to look in Next for clothes. Will have to start looking! x

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  7. Next is probably a bit tame for you, Alex! But you might find it’s worth taking a look as your boys get a little bit older. Thanks very much for commenting 🙂

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