Saturday is Gromit caption day!

We went to see Gromit Unleashed the other day – 80 awesome, individual Gromits all over the streets of Bristol.

They look amazing. But take a moment to think what they’re really going through. Out there in sun, wind and rain. People climbing on them (even though the signs clearly say they shouldn’t). All those photos. All that attention.

It’s hungry work. But does anyone think to feed them?

Thank goodness my kids came along to share their ice creams with Zodiac.

But can you caption them?


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Perhaps vanilla is not the best flavour, must be cheese For Gromit

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  2. They’ll give me a sniff, but will they let me have a lick…!

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  3. Thanks very much, everyone! We really should have taken him some cheese, shouldn’t we? Wensleydale.

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