Room 101

I’ve been asked by the awesome Trouble Doubled to consider what I would put in Room 101. I used to live in Room 101. Seriously. We lived in a studio flat in Nottingham that was number 101, so it really was Room 101. My bed was right by the front door. Anyway, I digress. What would I put in Room 101? Where to begin? There is so much…

Hair ‘donuts’

The hair donut has caused possibly my biggest Twitter debate ever. Opinion on them is pretty divided, but I think slightly more people agree with me that they are chavvy. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s this soft, round thing (looks like a donut, of course) that you put in your hair to help you create a bun. It gives the illusion you have more hair. And I hate them with a passion.

Part of the reason I hate them is that my daughter is endlessly fascinated by them. She is slightly obsessed with hairstyles and I’ve said she’s not allowed one of these. Because they’re chavvy. Which makes them the forbidden fruit and she wants one even more. Her hair comes down to her bum. She has no need to make it appear she has more hair. But will she listen to me?! She’s told me she’s going to buy one herself when she’s 17. If she waits until she’s 17, I will be very pleased.

Fly tipping

Why? Just why? You have dustbins and recycling boxes at home. And if you have too much stuff to put in them, you can drive to a tip household recycling centre and dispose of them properly. Like a human being. If you’re driving anyway, why drive to a little stream and tip your crap in there? WHEN YOU CAN JUST FLIPPING WELL DRIVE TO THE TIP HOUSEHOLD RECYCLING CENTRE.

And what about the people who pile their crap up against the recycling bins in supermarket car parks? Does that somehow make you better than the stream tippers? Does that mean you’re recycling? NO IT DOESN’T. You are fly tipping. Just the same as the people who dump their crap in streams. Who do you think moves the heaps of sh*t you have leaned against the bottle banks? Human beings. People who are paid not a lot to either work in the supermarket or for the council disposing of waste WHICH HAS BEEN PROPERLY THROWN AWAY/ RECYCLED. None of them are paid to remove your piles of rotting junk from the supermarket car park.

If the bins are full, take it home with you and bring it back another time. Or take it to the tip household recycling centre. Which in the case of our local supermarket (where this photo was taken), is less than a mile away. Funnily enough, if people had to spend less time shifting your crap from the supermarket car park, they might be able to empty the recycling banks a bit more often.


I make no apologies for this one, even though Trouble Doubled has mentioned it too. I’m not copying, miss, honest!

What is the point in ironing?

People are forever on about their enormous ironing piles. Seriously, people, just shake the stuff out and hang it up. You don’t need to iron it! Free yourself up some time to do something more fun!

Jeans don’t need ironing, do they? Or Tshirts. Or hoodies. All school uniform these days is magical non-iron (and if yours isn’t, I would recommend you look for the stuff that is).

I don’t iron for myself or the kids and I don’t iron sheets.

And I think we all look OK. The only thing that regularly gets ironed in this house is my husband’s work shirts. By my husband.

So what would you put in Room 101?

One Dad 3 Girls

Not My Year Off

Rock n Roll Mum

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh I haaaaaaaate ironing!! People spend half their weekend doing it. I just shove it all in the cupboard and be done with it. Else I don’t think of ever go out!

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  2. Totally with you on the ironing and fly tipping! I have no knowledge of hair donuts though, so I’ll take your word for it if I ever decide to grow my hair long again. 😉

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  3. Me too, Tas! It’s the only way!
    Thanks, Tom. Fly tipping is the worst! Believe me, you are better off without hair donuts in your life!
    Thanks very much for your comments, both of you. Really appreciate them.

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  4. What is ironing? Plus Lauren had a donut in Eastenders last night, you may rest your case…. thanks for the tag, had already been tagged, but just about to publish today so will sneak in a link to you too! 🙂

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  5. Totally agree with all of yours!

    My number one would be Postman Pat – he’s just such an idiot!

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  6. Fly tipping annoys the heck out of me! It’s no stupid it’s unreal. I mean that bloody lazy are these people!?
    Hair donuts..never taken notice of them before, they are too boring for me the ones i’ve seen sold in the shop, how dull..not that they need to be anything much to make your hair look bigger!
    ps. What’s an iron???

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  7. Thanks very much, everyone 🙂
    Thanks for tagging me, TD, and I’m making the most of that badge while it lasts! I still can’t believe it’s really mine 🙂
    Glad you’re with me on the ironing, Sonya. And the donut! Clearly if they’re worn by an EastEnders character it goes without saying that they are chavvy.
    Flytipping is awful, isn’t it Hannah? That photo makes me so angry! Grrr!
    Ha ha, hurrah, I think most children’s characters are idiots, to be fair!

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  8. Aaah, ironing! I loathe it, too. I limit it to the essentials, and ignore my mum & mum-in-law who go on about ironing sheets and nighties – what? Life’s too short!

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  9. hhahaha Mr B would so agree with the ironing entry.

    his nickname at uni was Crumple Boy. he doesnt iron anything


    Great rants

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  10. Totally with you on the flying tipping and hair donuts – I mean what’s the point of them!

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  11. I hate to see fly tipping, I mean how would you get into the woods with a freezer? by transport surely so it must be easyier to go to the tip grrr .

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  12. Oh yes, I’m with you on ironing. My OH works in jeans or overalls, so I only have to iron when there’s a wedding, funeral or christening and his smart shirts comes out the wardrobe. Perfect!

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  13. Thanks very much, everyone, really appreciate your comments.
    Nighties, Reading Residence? What is that all about? I can just about get that people might want to iron trousers and Tshirts, but not something you wear in bed that nobody sees!
    Good for Mr B, Mummy Barrow! Nothing wrong with being crumpled!
    Nice to see someone agrees on the hair donuts, Mary!

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