Happy 40th birthday!

Forty years ago today, a baby boy was born in the North West of England. He’d been due the following day – his Daddy’s birthday, but they’d decided to deliver him a day early. He had a brother two and a bit years older. His sister came along when he was six and a half.

He grew up to be a happy boy, with lots of friends.

When he was just 13, tragedy struck. His Dad died of cancer after a short illness. They’d had a special bond and it hit the boy hard.

But he picked himself up and bounced back. He had a great group of friends and made the most of his teenage years – going to the pub and fixing crap cars.

At 18, he left his friends and family, packed up his old Mini and went to university in Nottingham (or polytechnic as it was in 1991).

A year later he met a strange girl. She wore very bright trousers and, strangest of all, she didn’t drink alcohol. A few months later she became his girlfriend.

With a gentle push from his girlfriend, the boy carried on studying and got his degree, whilst also doing a ‘proper’ job and working in a pub. The boy and girl lived in poverty, sometimes happy, sometimes unhappy as they struggled to make ends meet.

By 2000 they’d left Nottingham and poverty and both had proper jobs. The boy and the girl got married.

In 2001 the boy became a Daddy to his own baby boy, then another baby boy in 2003 and a baby girl in 2006.

In 2007, the boy took a big risk and started his own business.

Today the boy is a happy family man, who loves his kids and his work. His business is going well, despite the endless recession.

The boy is my husband. Happy 40th birthday. Here’s to many more…

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Hope your hubby has a wonderful birthday. Life begins and all that lol

    Here’s to many more.

    *raises mug of coffee*

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  2. Happy Birthday that man!! He’s made a huge success of his life, business and personal, thanks also to the strength and support of his wife. Sending best wishes from the Naylors 🙂

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  3. Hope he has a gat day. Wow, 40, I cannot imagine being that old 😉 (4 weeks to go, sobs) xxx

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  4. Awww wonderful post. A big Happy Birthday to Mr W. Hope it’s been a really lovely day today!

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  5. Happy Birthday to your man….whose story sounds very similar to my husband’s! Another uncanny resemblance!

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  6. This is so lovely! Perfectly condensed. I hope you’ve all had a lovely day!

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  7. Thanks very much, everyone! He had a lovely day, we all did.
    Really appreciate your commen, Uley Girl! You know that’s actually true! 🙂
    Sonya, you will kick 40’s ass and I will be two months behind you, ready to also kick its ass!
    Suzanne, sorry to hear your husband’s story is the same as mine – I’m guessing you’re referring the the losing a dad part rather than the meeting girl in crazy trousers and starting own business. x

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