Silent Sunday 19.5.13

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Is this the blossom you saw on your walk yesterday? It’s beautiful!

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  2. Lovely blossom – you did take a picture then? I wanted a shot like this for silent sunday, but wanted a blue sky & that was in short supply. Maybe for next week’s pic.

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  3. Thanks very much, everyone. Well done to everyone who spotted it was apple blossom!
    It’s not the blossom my daughter told me not to photograph yesterday (I obeyed her!), it’s in my garden. I took the pics on Friday, then didn’t look at them as I was considering using something else. But then I saw this and thought I wasn’t going to take a better picture this week! And the blossom will all be gone by next week.

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  4. I do love the blossom on the trees at this time of year, that’s beautiful. Is that an apple blossom?

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  5. Thanks very much, everyone. It most certainly is apple blossom! It’s mainly all over my grass now, it’s amazing how quickly it changes!

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