Saturday is rainy caption day!

This photo was taken a year ago, in May half term last year. You know, at the start of summer. Summer in the wettest year on record.

All this talk of jetstreams and another cold, wet summer and rubbish weather until at least June reminded me of this photo and others like it – I have them of all of my kids taken on that day.

I love the photo, even though it’s not technically brilliant. You can just see how hard it’s raining and how wet we are all getting. You can see from the look on my daughter’s face that she is hating it!

I snapped the picture on my phone and, needless to say, I was getting soaked too and trying to move backwards quickly, taking the photo.

Can you caption my soaking wet little lady?


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Just gotta perfect this step-ball-change and then I can start my Singin’ In the Rain dance… NOT!!

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  2. Too right, One Dad and Photomummy!
    I never knew that, Erica – you learn something new every day!
    You know my daughter too well, MWM – this is the girl who slept in her tap shoes!
    Thank you all very much 🙂

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  3. i really do love the rain. i really do!!

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  4. Thanks very much, everyone, I love them! I really am mean, aren’t I? Taking photos when we should be running for the car and getting home and dry!

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