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Recently I was inspired by a brilliant post by blogger Rachel at Three Years & Home about how she is ‘more than just a mum’. You can read it here I really would recommend it! It got my mind whirring about what I would write. What makes ME more than just a mum (which is, of course, the most amazing thing in the world, but not the only thing in the world)? So I was very pleased when Rachel asked me to write my own thoughts.

I am me.

I am a mum, but also a wife, a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a friend and a colleague.

I met my husband at university and we’ve been together nearly 20 years and married for nearly 13.

I’m the eldest of three kids and the whole family still lives very close by. I was a bridesmaid for the only time in my life at 36 and an auntie (on my side of the family) at 39.

I’m a press officer (although my official job title is communications officer) and I’ve worked in the same job for 14 years. I have the public sector flowing through my veins.

I like my yellow car, my camera and my phone, whichever is never far from my hand. I like walking and fresh air. I like running even more than walking. I’ve completed six half marathons in my life – four in the last two years. I like dancing and am the oldest member of my street dance class.

I’m vegetarian. I like Thai food and pasta. But most of all I like Green & Black’s Maya Gold chocolate. I like to have lunch in my favourite coffee shop twice a week.

I like Superdry clothes and blue nail varnish. I like Doc Marten’s and Converse and flip flops. I wear a real diamond nose stud and still have a hole from my belly button piercing. I think I look better in my glasses than without.

I like swearing. But never do it in the home or in my writing.

I am passionate about reading and books and grammar.

I have eczema and IBS and acne. I eat some weird foods to keep my IBS under control. I am never ill and last threw up when I was 12. I have a phobia of vomiting and am also claustrophobic.

I like to get up early.

I don’t like dresses or heels or showing my body. I never wear make-up. I have never had a massage, a facial or a fake tan. All of these things fill me with horror. I rarely have my hair cut. I don’t understand the concept of a relaxing bath. Actually, I don’t much like relaxing and don’t really know how to relax.

I am teetotal. I don’t like tea or coffee. I don’t like fruit cake. I hate milk and bananas.

I hate laziness, dog poo, litter, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

I don’t like housework. I especially dislike changing beds. I never iron. I’m a rubbish cook.

I am me

I can be shy or the life and soul of the party. Small groups of people make me nervous.

Sometimes I feel so happy I could burst. But I’m a worrier. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and stressed and feel upset and angry.

I am unique. I am me.

I am more than a mum.

If you are more than just a mum, and would like to share what makes you unique, grab the badge and hop on over to Three Years and Home and link up.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. What a great idea for a post and really lovely to learn more about you. I like that you wear a real diamond stud and used to have your bellybutton pierced. However having just returned from a massage. my treat post school holidays, I must say that are brilliant and needn’t be feared just enjoyed. I may even have a go at this. x

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  2. And you often say VERY funny things at exactly the right/wrong time. And you don’t like letting phones ring…

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  3. Loved this post and have learnt so much about the real Sarah in just a couple of minutes!

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  4. You are, quite frankly, awesome. How you fit so much in to your day and then for your children and your home is amazing. I am a spa addict but unfortunately don’t get much time to go. And due to illness, pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc., I was teetotal for 3 years. Now I love a glass of champagne or a beer, but just the one and then maybe only one or two a month. It’s become a real treat for me rather than something you just do.

    Such a super post. Thank you so much for joining in. Great to hear more about just you.

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  5. Thanks very much for your lovely comments, everyone! I especially appreciate being called ‘awesome’ MNS and FFHM! I loved writing this post and thinking about what defined me and would leave to read more of other people having a go at it!
    The nose stud was a present for my 30th from my mum, Puffin. How cool is that? She had it especially made for me!
    Can you tell that one of these people actually knows me?! Yes, I do say funny things and the line between intentional and unintentional and right and wrong time can get very blurred!

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  6. Wow this is so interesting! I didn’t know you were a veggie or that you met your hubby at uni, I met mine there too :). you forgot to put expert plate juggler up there!

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  7. Blue nail polish and no ironing – you are my kind of person!

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  8. Thanks very much, everyone! I really enjoyed doing it. I wanted to use some random facts which I hadn’t shared before or had only mentioned in passing. Plate juggler is definitely already in there, Tas! 😉 University is definitely a good place to meet your husband. x

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  9. I keep logging in to your blog and then not actually get around to commenting! I so love the blue nail varnish and the fact that despite professing to be a tom boy, you always have such manicured nails! I really learnt a lot about you. I am also never ill – do we even have time?! I finally wrote my post today 🙂

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  10. Thanks, Suzanne, I read your post too and loved it 🙂 The nails aren’t manicured really – I just put the nail varnish on and often smudge it. Then I don’t replace it as often as I should! We definitely don’t have time to be ill, although it might be interesting to put it to the test!

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  11. I love this post. So different from your reflective youth post. You are a powerful amazing person. More than just a Mum x.

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  12. Thanks, Lesley, I really appreciate that. I must say I enjoyed writing this post 🙂 x

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  13. Great idea for a post. Its good to remind ourselves that we’re so much more than the sum of our day to day tasks.

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  14. That’s all really lovely to read – stuff we find normal, but others find exceptional 🙂

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  15. Just sitting down to read all these #notjustamum posts. They are all fab. I am totally with you on the ironing and baths. There is nothing relaxing about laying in your own muck!

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  16. Thanks very much everyone, really appreciate your comments. I certainly had great fun writing it – and have enjoyed reading others’ posts too, they’re a great introduction to some normal, but fabulous people.
    You can’t beat a yellow car, Jaime!
    Glad you agree with me on the baths, Elsa. So many people are obsessed with them!

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  17. I think this is a lovely post & a great idea. I have found myself recently being bogged down a little with all that being a mum brings & I think I have forgotten theres so much more to me (& that there was very much a life before Little T!). I think I might give this a go too – thanks for the inspiration!
    P.S. I, too, agree about baths – I like the idea, but I can never sit still long enough to enjoy them!

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  18. Thanks very much, it was nice to think about something different and I really enjoyed writing this 🙂 I’m not taking any of the credit for the idea, though. That has to go to farfromhomemama!

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