The elephant in the room (MADs vote now!)

For a long time now, my blog has been the elephant in the room at home and within my wider family. To be honest, it didn’t even start out as an elephant, it was more of a little mouse, hiding up the corner. My family knew I blogged, they didn’t much like it, and I kept it to myself.

I could just nip out of the room for 20 minutes in the evening to bash out a quick post – or write up two or three on a Thursday morning while the kids were at school.

But it grew from there. It became more time consuming – the tweeting, the reading and commenting on other’s blogs, the responding to comments on my own blogs, the endless searches for photos I definitely remember from 2004…

It was harder to keep the elephant under wraps, harder to pretend that it was something that just happened by magic, that I didn’t really put any effort into. I was even fooling myself, telling myself it doesn’t take long: ‘it’s just 20 minutes for a blogpost’. I wouldn’t talk about the blog, because if I didn’t talk about it I could pretend that it wasn’t really taking up all my time.

And if my family don’t like me blogging and airing our dirty laundry in public, they like it even less if it’s taking up time that I should be spending doing the housework. And so it has been for some time now.

Almost a year ago, I blogged about a strange dream Now I’m not one to read much into dreams, but this dream seemed to tell me two things – 1) that I wanted to be accepted by my family for what I do and 2) I want to make a success of writing.

Slowly my dream is coming true.

It started with a call on Twitter just before Christmas for 100 word articles on parenting. I had a post in mind I could adapt, so I did. I found I enjoyed it, so I did some more. The posts were published recently as part of the lovely little book 100 Little Words on Parenthood I didn’t tell my family a thing about it until the book popped through the letterbox a few weeks ago. They all read the pieces and they were very proud of me! And I was almost bursting with excitement.

Then came my Tots100 ranking. For all you non-bloggers out there, Tots100 is like a chart for parent bloggers. They have about 5,000 blogs in the chart. I was very excited when mine hit 500 in the autumn, but it crept up and crept up. And then it did a big leap. My latest ranking puts me at number 190 – a figure I never could have dreamed of. So I told my husband – and he was proud of me and asked how I was going to sustain it and grow it further. He still doesn’t read the blog, he still doesn’t get the compulsion to write and to share our lives with strangers, but he can see that I’m really starting to achieve something.

And so to the pinnacle. My biggest achievement to date – I am a finalist in the MADs blog awards

The MAD Blog Awards

That strange dream is coming true. People like my writing and my family is starting to accept what I do. Suddenly, the elephant in the room isn’t an elephant any more. I am starting to talk about my blog, to share my enthusiasm and my family is starting to share it with me.

Making it to the finals of the MAD blog awards is still unbelievable to me, but there is one more thing to do… If I’m to stand any chance at all at the award ceremony, I need votes. Voting has just opened.

If you enjoy reading my blog, I would very much appreciate your support with a vote in the Schooldays category – you can vote right here

Thank you very much for reading and helping my little dream come true. Without your support, I would never have got this far.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Well done you!! I’ve only discovered your blog properly over the last few months but its such a lovely read. You are a very worthy finalist!! Xx

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  2. Congratulations and well done for all your hard work! They say that dreams only come true to those that are awake! You made them come true…

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  3. Thanks very much, ladies. Really appreciate your comments. I am still gobsmacked!
    Thanks very much for the vote, Lesley 🙂 x

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  4. Loved reading that, it sounds very like me. I too talk very little about the blog but its such a huge part of my life….hard to get the balance right isn’t it? As you know, you have my vote and I’m sure many others too. Very well deserved 🙂

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  5. some of my family get it, some dont! When I told daughter had gone over 100,000 views she said – is that all? They like the benefits that come with it tho- like this weekend coming! I am so thrilled for you, and what better way to show them what a brilliant writer that you are than a finalist place!! xx

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  6. Thanks very much, ladies. I really appreciate so many people who’ve told me they’ve voted for me. It is rather hard to get balance right, Suzanne, but I’m hanging on by the skin of my teeth!
    100,000 views is probably nothing to the Youtube generation when stuff can get that in minutes, but to a parent blogger that is an awesome figure. I’m still on 55,000! My husband thinks I’m a good writer, but thinks I should write a book not a blog! x

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  7. Well done x my family and friends don’t really get it either – and I am struggling to find time for such an addictive hobby. Good luck in the MADS xx

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  8. Thanks very much 🙂 Glad I’m not the only one with a family who don’t get it, although I wish we all had more supportive families, it would make life a lot easier! I am lucky that, as my kids are at school, I can snatch little bits of time, but it is still very time-consuming! x

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