The Gallery: The letter ‘C’

C is for children and childhood. C is for cameras and chocolate and the cinema. All things that matter to me, all things that I love. But what ‘C’ really matters right now? Which ‘C’ do I have on my mind?

Cake! C is for cake.

I think about cake quite a lot, it is true. I also eat cake quite a lot. But right now I’m thinking about cake because it’s my daughter’s birthday. TOMORROW!

I’m not one of those good mums that makes cakes, oh no. Although there was a token gesture, just once. I lovingly made each of their 1st birthday cakes. I enjoyed doing it, but I really had no idea what I was doing and the end result neither looked nor tasted great.

My girl’s first ever taste of cake – mummy’s homemade birthday cake and she LOVED it!

So I buy my cake. From supermarkets. Yes, I am one of those mums. I have no shame. They’re not even organic! My cakes are bought from the evil supermarkets and, do you know what, I don’t even care. The cakes look good with candles on, the kids are happy and they taste pretty good too. My kitchen doesn’t get wrecked and I don’t get stressed and upset – first when making them goes wrong and secondly when everyone laughs at/ dislikes my effort.

See, what’s wrong with that?!

Right now there is a veritable MOUNTAIN of cake in my house. There’s a chocolate lion cake for the big day, then there’s two, yes, TWO, tray bake Smarties-decorated cakes for my daughter’s birthday party on Saturday.

This is how much cake you ‘need’ for a 7 year old girl’s birthday

This year my girl has chosen a swimming party with around 20 guests – so we need more than one cake for the party. The downside of the swimming party is the food to go with it is over-priced crap. It’s £5 a head for some seriously poor fried rubbish (and this coming from a woman whose kids live on Bird’s Eye food – straight from the freezer to the oven). Now I don’t mind £5 a head for good food. I don’t mind £3 a head for crap food, but I object to £5 a head for rubbish.

So, like many parents before us, we have opted for no food at the swimming party. It’s a brave decision and I’m glad we weren’t the ones to set the precedent. To replace the chips and sausages, we’ve come up with a party tea in a party bag – crisps, drink, birthday cake (of course) and MORE CAKE.

Because you can never have too much cake, can you?!

This post was written in response to a prompt at Sticky Fingers. Hop on over to see how others have itnerpreted the ‘letter C’ theme.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. You can never ever have too much cake! I hope your lovely girl has a brilliant birthday!

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  2. Well cake, especially the caterpillar cake and the hedgehog cake. Yum. cake, cake, cake, cake, cake. Cake.

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  3. Oh that’s the second cake post I’ve read… if only it wasn’t snowing I think I”d be straight to the shop for some cake! Sadly I’m not up for braving the weather, and like you, I’m not the kind of Mum who can just make some herself!

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  4. yay!! i am loving your cake pictures! i so wish i was at your house right now! 🙂 Happy Birthday to you daughter tomorrow x

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  5. Absolutely nothing wrong with buying supermarket Birthdays cakes when they do them so well! Yummy 🙂 besides they’ll need some cake after burning up all that energy swimming

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  6. ABsolutely! I too am not a home-baker of birthday cakes. What’s wrong with the shop ones?! On the odd occasion, when I do try, the effort is nowhere near as good as what they provide for half the price!

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  7. I hope there are biscuits, or I shan’t come. Only joking, cake rocks too! Hope she has a wonderful birthday! 🙂 xx

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  8. Thank you very much for your lovely comments, everyone. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who uses supermarket cake!
    I’d forgotten about caterpillar cake, Uley Girl. Yum!
    My daughter is very excited about her birthday (I’m excited too!).

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  9. I used to buy the supermarket ones but they are soooo sweet! I try and make them now but they lack a lot on presentation! Happy birthday to your lovely girl for tomorrow and I hope the swimming party goes well xx

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  10. They are a bit too sweet, Nikki! Generally we prefer the chocolate ones now, which may not look as amazing as the iced ones, but they’re not as sweet. Thanks very much, I know she’s going to have a lovely birthday. x
    It’s a great C, isn’t it, Helpful Mum?! Thanks very much for your comment.

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