Saturday is snowy caption day!

A little bit of snow fell last week at our house, but to get proper snow, we needed to go up on the hill.

So we did. And it was really flipping freezing. The thermometer in the car said minus 2 and there was possibly the coldest wind I’d ever felt, so wind chill was taking it down to around minus 8 or minus 9. It was too cold for my husband and daughter, but the boys and me had the best time.

My younger son loves digging the sand on the beach like a dog. He did exactly the same with the snow. He didn’t do much sledging, he mainly just scrabbled about in the snow digging with his gloved hands.

My eldest and I did a bit of sleding, but it was so windy, the sledges kept flying away!

Can you caption this picture of my eldest running in the snowy hills?


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Running after a sledge is a good form of exercise Mum but stop throwing it down the hill!

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  2. Remind me who said that cross country running, was a good idea in sub zero temperatures?

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  3. When he decided to go around the world in 80 days he forgot that it would be winter in Australia.

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  4. I’m practicing for Ski Sunday mum – not caption Saturday!

    (looks like fun there – no snow here *sobs*)

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  5. What she doesn’t realise is I am about to do a death slide…….GERONIMO!!!!

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