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I’m very grateful to Sonya Cisco aka rock’n’roll mum who recently named me in a list of fantastic bloggers as someone she thought would be worthy of a MAD blog award – or a nomination or two at the very least! And she shared some random facts about herself.

So here I am, returning the favour – naming some people who I think are worthy or your nominations and sharing some weird facts about me. Nearly 500 posts, and just over 18 months into my blogging career, it’s really not easy to find something to say about myself that I haven’t said before. But I’ll do my best. And BIG apologies if I have told you these before. I’ve had three kids AND I’m getting quite old – my memory isn’t what it once was. Now, what was I saying?

I worked in McDonald’s for four years. Even though I’m vegetarian.

I did basically two years’ part-time while I was at university and then two years full-time after I graduated. This was the mid-90s – the last time when it was really hard for young people to get jobs. I didn’t hate it, it was OK. Even though the customers were rude. And I had to empty bins. And sometimes clean toilets. And touch meat. To this day I can still multiply 288 really damn fast though – 288, 576, 864, 1152…

My lucky number is 27.

I’ve always liked the number 27. I don’t know why, it’s just odd – in the numbers sense and in all senses. The house where we lived before, which we moved into when I was pregnant with my eldest, was number 27. I was so pleased with that. Then my son was born on the 27th. Two out of my three nieces and nephews were also born on the 27th.

Me outside number 27 at around 30 weeks pregnant. Yes, the pink door was my idea

I hate fivers.

Yeah, I know. I can hear you from here – ‘well give them to me then’. I’ve heard it 100 times before. I just don’t like them. Again, I don’t know why. They’re just so small and so blue. And so not pound coins or tenners. It was a sad day when cash machines started giving them out again. You take out 20 quid and you get four fivers. What’s that all about?

I have an unusual middle name.

It was my great grandmother’s name and she died just before I was born. I hated it as a kid, but from the age of about 15 I liked it – it was quite cool. So I gave it to my daughter for her middle name. Very, very occasionally I come across people with ‘my’ name. I ask them if it’s their real name. And it isn’t. It’s a nickname. And, no, I’m not going to tell you what it is because if you’re a crazy stalker you will be able to track me down loads easier. (And if you know me, don’t write it in the comments or on Twitter, please, thank you.)

Two middle names are cool.

While on the subject of middle names, I always envied people who had two middle names. That seemed VERY cool. So I decided all of my kids would have two middle names. And they do – one from each side of the family, which works very well in my humble opinion. Far more kids seem to have two middle names now than did in my day. Obviously lots of other people thought it was cool growing up too.

I did karate for 10 years.

I did karate between the ages of 12 and 22 and I’m a brown belt. These days people get to brown belt in about five minutes, but in those days you had to work at it. People ran karate clubs for the love of it and you paid pennies to go there. These days it’s big business and parents are dishing out £50 left right and centre for their kids to earn a little tag on their belts. I COULD have progressed further than brown belt of course, but this was GCSE, A Level, degree and looking for a job time. One day I just didn’t go. And I never went again. I still don’t know why.

I had short hair as a kid and was always mistaken for a boy.

My hair was very short until the age of 13 when I decided to grow it and never looked back. It’s only even been trimmed since then. The ages of 11 and 12 were the pinnacle of my ‘mistaken for a boy’ years, when I was thought to be a boy approximately 80% of the time.

Sadly I couldn’t find photographic evidence of the boy hair, working in McDonalds or the karate, although I know this stuff existed in the past.

So there’s a little bit more about me you really didn’t need to know.

And now for the important stuff, the amazing bloggers. Unfortunately for them (and me), all the blogs I read are the sort similar to my own – the family ones about school age kids, so it was hard for me to decide who to nominate for the MAD blog awards as they’re all brilliant and I would give an award to all of them.

But here they are…

Rocknroll mum – right back at’cha – for family life or new blogger
Stressy mummy – for family life and school days
3childrenandit – for family life, school days AND new blogger
Trouble doubled – for family life
The Puffin Diaries – for family life and new blogger
Mama bear with me – for family life and most entertaining blogger

Any of these ladies would also warrant the best blog and best writer.

No pressure, ladies, if you want to share some random stuff and let us know your favourite bloggers, please do. And if you don’t, just take the (very well deserved) compliment.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. thank you! ANd if you dont DM me your middle name I may have to stalk you to find it out!! haha! My eldest has one middle name, my middle hasnt got one at all- because his name alliterates and make him sound like he could be a private detective when he grows up, and Syd has two middle names. He stole the one Max didnt get!
    I am amused by your dislike of fivers. I like all cash except fiddly small coins. Give me a fiver over a copper anyday, tho 5ps are the worst- too small!

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  2. I might just do that, as it’s you! It doesn’t even sound that weird, I just don’t know anyone who has it as an actual name.
    I also dislike coppers. I empty them frequently into charity boxes by tills. I try to put 5ps in parking machines! Thanks for commenting and thanks for tagging me. x

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  3. Absolutely no idea what the name could be but I am quite intrigued now. Fascinating to read all those things about you. Thank you for the kind words.

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  4. Sooooooo whats your middle name then? 😉 I have a middle name I rarely let out in public. It sounds really nice if I was about 3 years old but just sounds a bit out of place now…but ah well!

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  5. I think I know your middle name but my lips are sealed. Actually I sometimes wonder what’s the point of having middle names at all. My father hasn’t got one and neither has any of his 10 siblings and it doesn’t seem to have done them any harm being so deprived. Having said that my own middle name was useful in devising my pen name.

    And sorry, having worked so many years in retail I have to disagree with you on fivers, I was delighted when cash machines started giving them out. Before this happened so many people gave us ten pound notes for small amounts that we had to give out loads of pound coins to customers, then we’d run out of them and have to give out 50 pences! Nightmare.

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  6. Thanks very much, everyone! Yes, I think you do know it, James! I think middle names are a nice way of carrying on family traditions. I never understand it when people just choose middle names because they like them!
    I remember when I worked in McDonalds, James, and on a bad day we’d be giving out 20ps, then 10ps and even 5ps!

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