Not ready for puberty

My eldest has a few spots on his forehead. Poor kid. He’s only 11 and a half. I’d noticed some girls in his year with spots but they are a) girls (earlier puberty) and b) older than him – he’s one of the youngest in the year.

I saw those spots and I thought ‘oh no, here we go…’ Because I’ve had spots since I was 12 and still have them. My husband suffered with bad acne too. So you can be sure all our kids will have them. I felt sorry for him about the spots, but I wasn’t really seeing the bigger picture. To me they were just spots.

To my husband they were the start of PUBERTY. I thought I was mentally prepared for having a teenager, but it’s only when I started to think about actual puberty, that I realised I’m not. I’m partly prepared for the attitude side of things – because we have a fair amount of that already. But I’m not prepared for the whole ‘body turning into an adult’ thing.

I realised I don’t even know what puberty is for boys or when it starts and when it ends. All I really know about is the voice breaking – which happens at about 14, right? They have a growth spurt. They start a bit later than girls. That is ALL I KNOW.

I need a book! Yes, I can read about it on the internet, but to be properly mentally prepared I have to have a book. Just like I had a book about pregnancy and one about toddlers.

Apparently puberty in boys can start from 9-14, with the average age being 12. It takes about six years from the start of puberty for boys to reach ‘full maturity’. Aagh! What does that mean?!

Puberty starts with boys growing 5-6cm a year apparently. What, like the same as they’ve grown pretty much all their lives? I’m OK with that.

Then there’s bigger penis and balls… Bodily hair… Mood swings…

According to what I read (and of course there is plenty more to read – and I WILL be reading it!) the acne should come at about 14. With the voice breaking.

Maybe he’s going to be one of those kids that mature early? Whose voice breaks in Year 7. I don’t believe it. Those kids are always the big built ones. You can usually tell those kids even when they’re little. (A bit like my younger son! Oh no! Don’t let me have two of them at once!) My boy isn’t one of those boys. He’s in-between and he needs to be in-between. Not first and not last. He doesn’t need to be the only 11 year old boy with spots.

He’s been grumpier and more de-motivated than usual recently. I put it down to still adjusting to the transition to secondary school and losing his best friend who moved away, plus his other friend who went to grammar school.

But now we’re re-thinking. These spots have got us wondering. Are the moods hormonal? Is this puberty?

I don’t know about my son, but I’m not quite ready for puberty just yet.




Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Firstly congrats on the anniversary! Syd was due 18 months ago today, but he didn’t put in an appearance until the 13th in the end!

    As for puberty- I have only seen a girl child through it and honestly it wasn’t as bad as I thought, very gradual process, and she has always been stroppy!! Like you I was glad she was in the middle, not an early starter, nor a late developer. Good luck, but I am sure you won’t need it!

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  2. Congrats on 18 months :)Everything will be fine,one of my son’s is over 6 ft 16year old and is still growing… it hurts my neck to speak to him looking up … Thanks for co hosting this week 🙂

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  3. Thanks very much, ladies!
    Reckon I could relate to a girl going through it as I’ve been there myself, Sonya! But got to get through two boys first! Good to know it was gradual and not too bad.
    That’s reassuring, Clairejustine, and thank for the opportunity to co-host, I really appreciate it 🙂

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  4. Ooooo the P word. Scary! Glad I don’t have to think about that for another 6 years…which will fly in no doubt. Happy 18 months 🙂

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  5. I hated acne and it seems that the boys got it worse than the girls. A colleague later told me that if girls get bad acne they can go on the Pill to help relieve it, but that wasn’t an option for me! I suffered into my early 20s.

    Puberty for me was definitely a gradual thing and some things I didn’t really notice happening at the time such as my voice breaking or my genitals growing. Starting to grow facial hair was probably the most noticeable thing, and I put off starting shaving as long as I could (eventually started in the summer holidays when I was 14, but only once a week to start with.)

    I didn’t know about wet dreams so this was probably the most frightening thing for me as I thought I was having slight ‘accidents’. I certainly wasn’t going to ask my Mum or Dad about it!

    And yes I did get a bit stroppy and hard to live with at times, but I never got drunk or stopped out all hours or went around smashing things up, so I wasn’t all bad!

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  6. Happy 18 months!
    My youngest Daughter hit puberty much earlier than her 3 older siblings, she was around 9 and I really wasn’t ready for it. She is 13 now and her mood swings seem to be calming dowm, ThankGod! x

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  7. My daughter is 4 and I already don’t want to think about puberty! haha Thanks for cohosting! I’m your newest follower! Amy from Clippie Dips

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  8. Thanks very much, everyone! Not sure why I didn’t think about this sooner. I suppose I just thought it happens later to boys and buried my head in the sand.
    Good to have a man’s point of view, James, and to know it’s very gradual. I might have guessed you weren’t too much trouble. Am keeping my fingers crossed my boys aren’t too bad.
    Bet you’re relieved to be through the worst, Mama Syder!
    Welcome, Amy, always happy to welcome new followers!

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  9. I let out a little laugh at the body changing bit and then stopped and thought “why am I laughing, this will happen to me too”. I then realised you’d also said from aged 9, seriously not laughing now. I don’t think I’m at all prepared for this if you find a good book could you please recommend. I too need books for everything. x

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  10. Happy Bloggerversary!! Ooh it does sound like you’re about to enter an interesting phase of parenting. I didn’t hit puberty till 13, I think! That must mean I was fairly late into it. I do remember I think I was more of a challenger than both my brothers through my teens so I hope that you have a smooth ride with you boy and the hormones go easy on him! x

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  11. It’s just occured to me that H is now nearly a third of the way to adulthood and probably half way to puberty – goes to bury head in the sand for a bit longer.

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  12. Thanks very much, everyone. Yes, its not far off for us, Puffindiaries! I’ll let you know if I find that all-important book!
    I was right in the middle, Tas, so assumed my kids would be the same.
    Sounds like H is about the same age as my girl, Erica. And girls start earlier! Aagh! I could have them all going through it at the same time. Joins you with head buried in sand…

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