Silent Sunday 16.12.12

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I went for a web picture too. The spiders have been at your bin haven’t they?

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  2. thats so lovely, i dont know about you but i am glad all the spiders have not calmed down, we were inundated with them this year

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  3. Tempted to say that’s rubbish, but as it looks like a garden waste bin I better not 😉

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  4. I do love spiders webs glistening with frost or dew – just hate the actual creators of the things lol

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  5. these web shots are fantastic, i off to find one!

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  6. Thank you all very much for your lovely comments, I really appreciate them.
    The spiders have indeed been building their homes on a dustbin. Which is a shame, this would have been so much more beautiful on a tree, but I couldn’t resist the frost and it DID contrast well with the bin!
    Kate – I am very impresed that you recognised this was indeed my garden waste bin!
    The spiders weren’t at home, but I don’t mind them myself. Glad they weren’t there to upset some of you more sensitive souls though!

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  7. What a fabulous picture! There was one day this week when the spiders had been out in force!

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  8. Funny how those cobwebs were there yesterday and they were eugghk. But today, with a frosty dusting, they are beautiful!

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